8 Reasons to opt tempered glass sheets for residential and commercial buildings

Indispensably in one way or other glass has been used in our homes every now and then. From making kitchen glass doors to lawn sliders and from making windows’ replacement sheets to glass shower enclosures glass and its counterparts are all around us. But with this much extensive use of glass in indoors and outdoors safety has become a first-hand concern. No matter where you are using these glass sheets, how high or low you are placing them they are always vulnerable to getting broken and damaged by small hits even. Then what is the solution?

The ultimate and beneficial remedy of this is to use tempered glass sheets. Tempered glass sheets are hardened and annealed glass sheets that are made a special process called tempering of glass or annealing of glass. These sheets are made hard and tough through some scientific processes, acidic reactions and chemical compositions in their substances. Other than that these sheets are made at a special and specific temperature range that makes them enough worthy that they can be used at any point.

How tempered sheets are made?

When sand particles are melted down at high temperature they become a liquid that is opaque and whitish physically. This transparent substance, later on, becomes glass. When cooled down abruptly these molten sand particles become glass sheets which are normally around us. But when cooled at some nice and moderate temperature these particles convert themselves into highly tough annealed sheets those are tempered glass sheets.

These tempered glass sheets are one of the high selling glass products for residential and commercial architectural projects. An extensive range of tempered glass sheets can be previewed at fab glass and mirror; they have an exquisite variety of glass products.

8 reasons – why to use tempered glass sheets

Below are stated 9 top reasons why these sheets are of opting by consumers and how they are beneficial for them.

Shatter free glass sheets

What is the most important concern of any home owner when he uses glass sheet? Yes, right! How to make this glass sheeting more protective that it may not get broken or damaged by anything hit on it. Then worry not, when you use tempered glass sheets it provides you all time remedy for this problem. Tempered glass seets  first of all can not be broken eadily but if they put under such conditions they convert themselves into small tiny particles leaving no harm to living things.

Safety never compromised

When you use glass over any corner and place you might be thinking of that you have compromised on human safety. Because when glass is tempred it converted into shard edged pieces that can cut any human flesh bruetly. But by using tempered glass sheets your safety will never be compromised because these glass sheets are tempered free and hard to be damaged. Just incase due to some high level of stress and pressure these sheets are broken they convert themselves into small riskless pieces that can not do any harm to human.

Hard, tough and long-standing

Due to their featrures of being tough, hard and long stranding these sheets are durabale. Providing you high longevity and lifespan these sheets do not shtter, break or cause damages. Under high environemnetal calamities and natural disasters, tempered glass sheets provide no doubt a resistant and impervious covering. This feature of longevity  and staying for a long time with you make them supreme choice of customers.

Resistant to heat and high temperatures

Tempered glass shets are tough, stout and strudy but heat resitant too. they can bear a high range of temperature and heat effects therefore they can be equally applied on any where. Kitchen and bathrooms are two main areas where these heat resitant glass sheets are needed the most.

Insulated and toughened glass panels

You will wonder to know that insulated, wide and long glass sheets are always made up of tempered glass. Tempered glass is not only used for being tough and long standing but insulated and blocking the escape out of energy drills. Millions of dollars pent on energy biils can be saved when you used tempered glass sheets because they provide you high level of insulation solutions along with toughness.

Easy to clean

Tempered glass sheets are clear glass sheets that are easy to clean and maintain. These sheets provide high quality cleaniliness facilities, being transparent and visibly clear. Tempered glass sheetsa re jjust thicked glass sheets that can be cleaned by uality glass cleaners and rugs over their surface.

Where to use tempered glass sheets?

Tempered glass sheets can be used widely over any corner of home. Wherever you seam that place need some more protective glass layer you can put tempered glass sheets over there.

  • Bathroom shower door panels
  • To make frameless glass shower enclosures and sliders you can have tempered glass sheets. These tough and hardcore sheets will cover the surface with its sturdy and tough abilities. And will provide you a fancy and long-standing bathroom glass shower door.
  • Kitchen glass doors
  • Kitchen glass doors can be made up of tempered glass sheets, these sheets are made for providing extra protective layers at high activity home corners like kitchens.
  • Window’s replacement sheets
  • When choosing glass sheets for window replacements and panels, consider tempered glass sheets which will be enough long-standing in some harsh environmental conditions.
  • Commercial buildings façade
  • Commercial buildings are of high activity and are usually high in length. These buildings need more hard and strong outer coverages, therefore, tempered glass panels can be used in making their outer facades.
  • Stair side cases
  • To make staircases and terrace sides these tempered glass sheets are the best choice. Because these railings are too vulnerable sides of the home that need utmost safety. Therefore these highly stout sheets are of great use there.
  • Frameless glass doors
  • To make frameless glass doors at front and back entrance of the home and commercial plazas these tempered glass sheets are used to avoid any accidental activity.


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