6 Ways to Secure Your New Home

Your new home is beautiful. It has everything you’ve ever wanted: plenty of space, rooms of the own for the kids, and a fenced in backyard for the dog to frolic in. Despite all of these wonderful new things inside your brand new home, you might wonder if there’s anything missing. If you haven’t installed security cameras in your new home, there might just be something missing.

1. Home Security System

Today’s best home security systems have security cameras Australia residents need to feel safe in their own homes. Cameras capture every movement, every face that might pass through your yard or near your front door. In a modern era with high tech security technology widely available, the first thing you need to do is secure that new home with camera and a full-bodied security system.

2. Secure Your Windows

Dangerous intruders often use windows as a gateway into the home. Don’t let them. When you first move into your home, secure those windows by making sure they’re locked, installing glass break sensors, and planting bushes or other vegetation under those easily accessible first floor windows. Blocking that entry is often a way from discouraging anyone to get near them.

3. Secure The Garage

If you have a garage, it’s one of the easiest points of access into a home, and you need to secure it immediately. A Smart Garage Door opener is a way to do that. Covering any garage door windows will also keep anyone from knowing what’s inside. The last thing you want is an easily visible area in your garage that might highlight all the expensive tools or possessions you have.

4. WIFI Security

Some folks don’t think about cyber security as being part of a home, but there are a few unfortunate people out there who learned the hard way that identity theft and even people using your network for illegal activities are a real thing that happens. You can protect yourself from that by securing that WIFI network and making sure no one knows the password. Get firewalls and virus protection.

5. Set Up Remote Systems

Having complete control of your house at all times is one of the wisest things you can do, and today’s technology allows you to do it very easily. Smart Homes have been a concept for most of the last 10 years, but now they’re a reality. If you need to turn on your lights while you’re out of the home, you can do it. If you forgot and left the stove on, you can remotely turn it off and even get an alert that you left it on. Having a smart home keeps your home in your hands at all times, even when you have to be away from it. It’s also very cool.

6. Lock Outdoor Areas

Do you love that outdoor shed? Well, a burglar might appreciate its shelter, too. Many folks have smaller buildings outside their home and completely forget to secure those at all. When you do this, you leave yourself open to having people who can spy on you from your own yard or even use these buildings as shelter sometimes without you even knowing it. It can be a dangerous, volatile situation. Make sure that all sheds have locks on them, and be sure to add those security stickers around your yard and home when you’ve got your system installed. Many times, just seeing a security sticker will discourage a thief from sticking around longer.

Your new home is going to be a place of beautiful memories and fun times with your friends and family. A new home is a blessing, but it’s a blessing that needs to be protected from people or natural occurrences that might cause harm to your home. A home security system that has cameras as part of the solution will give you a complete home safety net. It will monitor for fire, carbon monoxide, intruders, and other common home threats, and it will automatically send help your way if anything goes wrong. Don’t let that new home lull you into a false sense of security at first. Safeguard it, and it will give you many decades of beautiful memories.


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Written by Eric Reyes

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