2021 Bathroom Trends: Our Guide To Designing The Perfect Bathroom

When designing the interior of your home, there are several rooms that you need to consider one of which is the bathroom. This is one of the hardest rooms to design as it not only needs to look great, but it needs to be practical. But where should you be starting with the design process? In this article, we will be providing you with some insight into the best design trends for your bathroom in 2021. 

Subtle Yet Elegant Tiles 

When designing your bathroom, you can never go wrong with tiles, however, keeping them subtle you can make an elegant bathroom that is not only fit for purpose but looks great. By finding tiles that work well in the shower areas, you can draw attention to parts of the bathroom and keep the design looking as subtle as possible. Though this will take time, picking the right coloured tiles that match the rest of the room will aid you in tying the entire bathroom together with all your other furnishings. 

Add Black Accents For A Modern Look 

In addition to adding a subtle amount of colour into your bathroom, adding black accents to your bathroom is the perfect way to make it look modern and elegant. With several appliances out there such as taps and heated towel rails online all available in this colour theme, there are several amazing black accents that you can use to make your bathroom look perfectly modern. By taking the time to find little accents that work with the colour of the tiles or the paint on the walls, you can create a stylish modern bathroom that not only looks great but is practical.

Bring The Outside In

If you are looking to create a unique bathroom, why not add some plants to your bathroom. Whether it is hanging baskets near the window or a potted plant on a countertop, this can all help to create a relaxing space that you will want to spend time in. Though this is a trend that you may often find in houses with a larger bathroom, have succulents and other plants to bring the room together can be the final finishing touch to any modern bathroom.

Bold Block Colours 

The final way that you can create the perfect modern bathroom is to add block colour to space. By having a simple wall colour and adding colour with larger tiles around the sink and the shower area, you can create a room that captures the attention of those using it and bring the room together. By using either paint or tiles, you can add a pop of colour into your bathroom that works with the rest of the house without being too bright. 

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can begin to create the perfect bathroom design without having to spend a small fortune. Whether it be opting for new taps or painting the walls, there are many small but significant ways you can go about creating the perfect bathroom space. 


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