My Gluten-Free Kid: Let's Throw an Unforgettable Birthday Party

It is the wish of every parent to throw his child a birthday party they will long remember. However, most parents make the mistake of equating opulence with fun and think that by throwing in a huge amount of cash they will organize a memorable event. Things don’t work like that as the number one organizational priority should be your child’s wishes. He or she is the one who should be the little masterminds behind the whole thing, yours is just to put their plan into action. Also, you need to take care of some seemingly trivial matters that children are unaware of, like gluten tolerance. If your child is intolerant to gluten, then this fact should be taken into consideration when tending for catering.

Partying in the cloud

When you were in elementary school, you probably received those hand-written invitations where your peers invited you to their private birthday parties. Digital invitations are just too impersonal but you can still make good use of modern technologies. Have your kid write the card himself or herself, scan it, and then share in the parent’s Viber group. This way, the personal touch will still be there and at the same time, you won’t have to spend a dime on costly printing. Furthermore, you could create a Facebook event or start a hashtag if your kid likes social media that much. After the party, the pictures can be stored in a cloud, like G-Drive, from where the parents can download them to their computer via the link you send them.

What would like to drink?

When it comes to drinks, juice seems like the most obvious choice. Stock up on fizzy drinks and buy the most exotic flavours you can find. Children will talk for days about that “new flavour juice” they drunk at your child’s party. You can make non-alcoholic cocktails and decorate them with a mini umbrella and a straw inside the glass. Instead of just going around and asking children what would they like to drink, you and other family members can wear a tuxedo and pretend you are waiters. The kids will be blown away with this roleplay and even the most introvert of youngsters will respond in a positive fashion. Plus, you are bound to have a good laugh yourself.

Sweetening the deal

As far as food goes, sandwiches and pizza are by far the best options since everybody loves them. Problems might occur with the dessert. Not all kids like the same flavours and many of them are gluten-intolerant, which their parents will let you know immediately. This dietary issue exists globally, not just in Australia and parents are forced to spend more money on gluten-free food. That is why it is useful to know where and at which price you can get gluten-free produce. This is especially important when it comes to sweets that stores like Zest Patisserie prepare and deliver to your doorstep. Successfully checking the “gluten-free sweets” column on your to-do list for the party is a huge success!

The delivery unit

If you ever tried to organize any event, you know how time-consuming this process can be. In order to avoid all the hassle and do away with the boring errands of picking up stuff you ordered online, simply have everything delivered to your house. Like we suggested with the cake, this is a much more cost-effective way, as making your own cake is too expensive compared to a ready-made made one delivered to your front door. You can sit one day in front of the computer with your kid and custom design together the decorations , party hats, and balloons that will arrive at your address a couple of days later. It is important that there is a personal touch to the whole event.

When and where

Timing is everything in life and so is location, so don’t set these two parameters arbitrarily. First, ask your kid if all his or her friends can make it on a particular date. Then check the weather forecast to make sure it will not rain, especially if the party will take place in your backyard. Speaking of the venue, your house is the most convenient option not just in terms of finances (renting a playroom costs money), but in terms of control as well. You know your property best and all its dangers and advantages, so you can instruct the little guests how to stay safe and maximize the fun.

An unforgettable birthday party means that your child and his or her friends will talk about it for days. If you plan carefully enough, even taking care of gluten-free food, there is no way that everyone attending the party will be blown away.

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