Keep Yourself Away from these Foods in the rainy season

The risk of diseases and infection in the rainy season increases upto several times, so be careful in this season in every way. Is needed. Most diseases occurring in the rain cause bad habits and bad eating habits. Rainy season is favorable to viruses and bacteria, because they grow faster and faster due to moisture in the environment. In this case experts also believe that special food should be taken in this season, because the wrong diet can make you sick in this season.

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Take a look at those foods that can make you sick-

Stale food: Avoid eating stale food during the rainy season. Many times you do not want to throw food, so eat dinner at night or at dinner in the morning, but in the rainy season, you can become seriously ill. In fact, the process of fermentation begins in 6 hours due to low temperature due to low temperature and very low humidity due to baked food. At the same time due to the high humidity in the rainy season, this process can start within 4 hours. Therefore, eating more time-consuming food can be harmful to your health.

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Consumption of Foods: Consumption of C foods in monsoon can also spoil your health. Rainy season is the time for the fertility of fishes and shrimp. Therefore eating them during this time, many types of infection are threatened. If you are fond of non-vegetarian foods, eat chicken and mutton in this season. You should also be careful in eating them that they have not been cut for too long.

Avoid Fried Foods: This season, there is a very cold climate due to rain. In this way, people like Fried Foods, but Fried Foods should be avoided during this season. Due to high humidity, these foods can make you a victim of stomach disorders such as stomachache, dysentery, constipation, acidity and food poisoning. Should be avoided during this season with intake of samosa, kachauri, pakodi, fries etc.

Green leafy vegetables: Eating leafy vegetables in the rainy season is also feasible. During the rainy season insects, insects and insects are very much in the fields, which eat these leaves and contaminate them.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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