Having a Hand in

Most people don’t have a fully stocked kitchen.   If they do, they might not have the time to make those fantastic dishes.

Many people buy those prepared meals which they toss in an oven or a microwave. 

In many cases these prepared meals aren’t all that good.   This is because needing to go for the largest possible market  the flavor of the meals is toned down to bland.

At  a top restaurant or the home of an especially good cook, the food has its trademark flavor.  This pizza, for example has a bit more garlic than those sold over there,  hence if you come here, that means you prefer a bit more garlic.

When you buy a prepared meal, before you heat it all, take a tiny piece.  Cook that,  taste it.  Now that you know how it tastes, you can add your own extra seasonings.

In this way, although you didn’t make it from scratch, you did contribute to the flavour.


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Written by Chef Lee

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