Do you know, proteins can also be obtained from plants?

Hearing the name of ‘protein’ is considered to be meat immediately. Poultry, fish, goat, cow, sheep, etc. are considered as source of protein, while its not like this. Pulses obtain from green plants , Seeds and beans also contain the main element of protein for the growth of human body, which can be source of various vitamin and fiber. So we should concentrate here as well.

Red Lentils- pulse (one cup cooked pulse = 18 grams protein)

Red  lentils can be eaten as red meat replacement, There is approximately 37% iron and 16 grams of fiber in a cup of red lentils pulse.

Soybean (one cup Soybean = 17 gram protein)

With  proteins, Soybean are also a excellent source of fiber. One cup Soybean provides about 17 grams of fiber, This amount can be found in a few slices of breads. Therefore, as a substitute for slices, eat one cup of Soybean and enjoy 2 in 1 protein along with fiber.

Almonds (A Cup Almond = 20.02 gram protein)

When you want to eat something lightweight then almond is good choice, Almond contains protein as well as fiber, fat, vitamins etc.There is an another specialty of almonds, it have an instant feeling of food filled in stomach, Therefore the hunger can be melt with almonds.

Hemp Seed (One Oyster Hood = 9.2 gram protein)

The Hemp seeds is full of all the essential amino acids required for  human body. Healthy treasures have hidden in these small seeds.If you came to know more about its benefits , you will surely sprinkle it on your birthday cake too. Keep in mind that it does not have any taste , Therefore, Hemp Seeds will not even feel like eating something with cake.

Quinoa Seeds (One Cup Kino Seeds = 8 gram protein)

Quinoa Seeds are rich with protein, fiber, vitamins and vitamin B , that is  why it is called super green Quinoa provides you magnesium and manganese which is essential for human body. These both are essential for healthy bones.Eat Kino as alternatives of rice.

Peas (a Cup Peas = 8.6 gram protein)

Pea is in nutritious vegetable , Peas have the ability to reduce cholesterol in the human body and prevent plucking.Which helps improve the health of the heart.

Dry tomatoes (one cup dry tomato = 7.6 gram protein)

Dried tomatoes contain  30% magnesium and additionally it contain Vitamin k, which is no where to be found in any food.

Chia Seeds (One oyster Chia Sids = 4.4 gram protein)

Chia Seeds contain Calcium, anti-oxydent and omega 3 , So from today, let’s begin to add Seeds to daily food such as dairy, salad etc.


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