Burning chocolate in Russia – It’s trending now

Chocolate burning video has been viral in Russia, and people around the world has rises questions on quality of chocolate.

This trend started on a social media by a lady, In which she is burning locally prepared chocolate. In the video it can be seen that the chocolate bar immediately caught the fire and burned instead of melting, and smoke was also expelled. The lady said that after burning it is a wonderful smell of chocolate.

This chocolate was prepared by Russia’s biggest company. The lady warned others, saying that this company is selling counterfeit goods in the name of chocolate. Therefore, this company’s chocolate should not be bought.

Later many other people also did the same with the company’s chocolate and they got the same results. These videos were so vivid on social media that authorities had to come in between. Russia’s federal agency for user protection issued a statement on social media that chocolate is naturally burning like this after passing various chemical processes.

The statement said that the company’s chocolate is absolutely safe and people do not seriously take the misleading information spread on social media. still no response from the company it self.

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