Best Seafood Recipe Ideas; Delicious Ways To Cook WIth Prawns

Cooking is an exceptional skill only a few individuals master after consistent efforts. The art of cooking may be easy to obtain, but making seafood is very complicated. It takes a lot of time and effort to turn into a professional seafood cook. 

If you love making food with a touch of aquatic animals, you would have a personal preference for fish. A lot of people add seafood such as prawns to multiple dishes, including chow mein. 

Getting started with a prawn dish would require the element to be bought from the most acceptable market. You can also choose to buy fresh prawns online once you’ve got the essential elements, head onwards to add flavour to your cuisine.

Put It In Pasta 

Who doesn’t eat pasta nowadays? It is a customary ingredient in Italy and Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan. But over time, it has made its mark on the western world. Almost every five-star hotel serves a single platter of pasta.  

Here’s how you can enjoy it with any kind of pasta.

  • Put prawns in wafu. Add a touch of spicy tomato sauce to enhance the flavour. 
  • Add them as the core ingredient in ravioli. Make a tasty sauce of preference to add texture to your prawn ravioli. 
  • Cook penne pasta with prawns by adding some complementing vegetables and some essential pasta sauces. 
  • Spaghetti and prawns have also been a top-notch dish. You can also add various other forms of meat. 

Salad Styles With Prawns

You can also add prawns to any sort of salad. To name a few, you can make, 

  • Broccoli salad with cooked prawns and a little seasoning of black pepper. 
  • Make a black bean salad by adding vegetables—mix prawns as the only meat element in the salad to kick it. 
  • Avocado and basil prawn salad wraps are a universal classic to make. It’s super easy to create. 
  • You can bake prawns by marinating them with spices and excessively garlic. Fix them in a tray with complimentary vegetables and bake for as long as the prawn cooks. 
  • Although it’s not a salad, you can cook prawns and place them in a cocktail with rose sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise as a side dish or salad of sorts. 

Deep Fry Prawns 

If you’re a fan of fried chicken, you are going to love deep-fried prawns. The recipe is very similar to chicken wings. You have the choice of marinating the prawns beforehand to give it a more exclusive taste. 

Dip them in some bread crumbs, add some egg and repeat the dipping process. Deep fry until they are golden brown and ready for eating. 

Make A Prawn Curry 

If you’re familiar with Asian cooking or you’re a native, you’d know how to make a classic tomato curry. The only difference is that you get to add prawns as the meat element in the dish. Also, the spices may vary depending upon the ratio and size of the prawns. 


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