What to Look Forward in Summer 2020

Coming up with new collection and ranges is always a colossal task for any fashion retail business, this is because diligence, creativity and innovation is requisite for coming up with new fashion ranges. With spring season almost on its beginning stage, the fashion retail brands are getting ready to launch the season’s collection, and it is indispensable that they come out with something awe inspiring. This is to say, the success of the label depends very much on what a brand is about to launch because in a market penetrated with competition consumers can shift in a blink of an eye. However, those brands who build a sublime repute of never disappointing their market continue to do what they do best, and in a way establish a radical consumer loyalty.

What to look for in Spring Summer 2020

If you are someone who makes his shopping decisions based upon advertisements, then there is no reason you will be disappointed, as speaking with the management of Monark, we got insights of how this year’s campaign is going to be like. The details cannot be specified, as it will be unscrupulous but it can be assured that vivid, sturdy depiction of street style combined with high fashion is returning back associating easy going, audacious, dandy and a super masculine figure is going to be the prime focus of the summer campaign, that is intriguing and cohesive with the brand image at the same time.

PSL Fever:

Spring has always been an occasion of celebration in the country, reminiscing the days of Basant where the skies and rooftops of every house became vivid with colors and festivity, unfortunately the event which was celebrated avidly has been put on a halt due to multiple reasons. However, the Pakistan Super League is a welcoming gesture, in a country where cricket is followed religiously this turns out to be a jubilant affair, as people have something to look forward to and celebrate the festivity of cricket in the country which has been struck by terrorism immensely.

Price Factors:  

With the economic impediments embodying everyone in the economy, there is an air of ambiguity and bafflement, so much so, that many business and companies have been forced in revising their price strategies. In other words, to cope with high costs of production and operations, the consumers have to bear relatively expensive items. In discussion with the officials of the brand we kind of touched this topic and by the responses it can be implied or insinuated that there will be a change, but not a radical one which is still good news for fashion followers out there. Although, you might have to get used to the idea of paying the GST on top of the product’s price. Too bad! All hail Tabdeeli

While the ranges are developed with immense hard work, fervor and passion it can be assured that the upcoming summer ranges will be full opulence, diversion, and value addition. The spring summer is a welcoming time in the country as a whole where every fashion retail brand is launching their collections coupled with the air of festivity due to cricketing season in the country, it can be said that the environment is full of euphoria. However, the economic instability is still a dilemma and a predicament to which people have to cope with.


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Written by Whitney Hart

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