Top Class Outfits-No Wonder Mother Bride Must Look Ideal

When your daughter gets engaged and plans a date for their wedding, finding the right outfit for you can be just as much fun as the bride finding her ideal dress.  Whether you are looking for a dress to compliment the bride’s gown or a trouser suit that compliments your figure, there are so many mothers of the bride outfits to choose from that you will be spoiled for choice!

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing your outfit, with the first being the colour scheme.  Although mother of the bride outfits should be chosen to compliment the colour scheme chosen they should not directly match.

Look for colours that suit your skin tone and for outdoor winter weddings in the UK, don’t choose anything too light as this could easily attract dirt, which of course you will want to avoid for the wedding pictures. If you decide on a lighter colour and the bridesmaids are wearing something bright then you could accessorize instead of choosing an outfit you are not comfortable with.

Wedding location and theme

Lots of people now have a themed wedding and hold them in places other than just the local church or registry office. The style of the wedding can play a big part in the outfit you choose, as can the location.

If the wedding is a formal style, then you will want to look the part and accessories with a traditional wedding hat or fascinator, whereas a wedding abroad in a hot country will more than likely be more relaxed. If the wedding is held on a beach choose something that is fitting for the occasion but reduces the accessories and thinks about comfort too!

Choosing the right length and cut

Whatever your figure mid-calf dress/skirt suit will be most flattering if you are of average height. Shorted ladies should opt for a knee-length instead or find a good tailor that can adapt the skirt to suit.

Skirts and dresses that are A-line bias are an excellent choice for every type of figure, but as the mother of the bride, it is advisable to keep away from lower cut dresses.

Be ready for a long day

There are lots of beautiful mother of the bride outfits available. However, you should bear in mind that weddings are longer than just the ceremony and the chances are you will be helping the bride wherever you can too, so choose a material and cut that is going to be comfortable all day long.

If you wear material with little give and are planning on being active during the day, the last thing you will want is a last minute panic if you split the seams by picking up children, bending down or getting your outfit caught while rushing around.

The day is supposed to be a fun occasion for everyone, so make comfort as much of a priority as everything else. With the modern mother of the bride’s outfits you really can have it all!


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Written by Mudassar Ali

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