Top 7 Harem Pants Styles For Women

Harem pants have quickly become one of the most popular pant styles simply because of the comfort level. They were first introduced in the 19th century and style somewhat lost its charm in between. These were revived recently in a fashion show held in Paris. Harem pants are baggy around the thighs and narrow from the knees till the ankles. There are various styles of harem pants, some are perfect for lounging around whereas others are great for wearing to the office. This article brings to you the 7 most stylish harem pant designs that every woman should try.

Printed Arabic Harem:

These harems have printed border and unlike other harem pants, this one is not much pleated. Silk is the main fabric used which makes it perfect for rocking on formal occasions. Coupled with solid white t-shirts or tank tops, printed Arabic harems make you look like a rock star.

Wide Style Harem:

 It is mistaken for a skirt many times because of the wide space at the bottom. It grabs the waist and ankles with the help of elastic. A wide range of designs, colors, and patterns are available for wide style harem pants. Pair these pants with solid t-shirts or tank tops.

Harem With Cloth Knot:

As the name suggests, this kind of harem has a knot which is tied around the waist. For most of the part, it looks like a salwar. You can tie the knot in the front to look a bit more stylish. These harem pants are available in a wide range of colors and designs. However, a solid-colored knot harem looks the most appealing.

Pleated Harem Pant:

This is indeed the most prevalent harem style. It has pleats and elastic in the waist and cuffs. This is the original harem style and all the iterations of the harem are birthed from this style only. It is made from linen which is a soft fabric and because of it, this harem pant is very comfortable to wear. It is suitable for casual as well as formal occasions. Elastic, drawstring, and knot versions of this harem are available.

Buckled Hem Harem:

This style of harem pants has buckles on the hemline. The rest of the harem has pleats and they mostly come in dark colors like black, grey, olive green, military and so on. Buckled hem harem is perfect for wearing on informal occasions with solid white shirts.

Translucent Harem:

This is the latest version of the harem. The pleated part is made from fishnet and beneath it is pant made from cotton. The coloration on both parts is the same so as to maintain the symmetry. You can wear this harem style to parties without any worries.

Arabic Style Harem:

Arabic style harem is reminiscent of the traditional Arabic dress. It has elastic on the waist and ankles. Cotton is used to make Arabic harem and they come only in solid colors like grey, purple, white, and black and so on. This harem looks pretty chic with casual t-shirts. Scarfs look amazing with this.


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