Tips for Leaner, Longer, and Lankier Lines

While watching YouTube, I stumble upon this video, which I thought was interesting and useful. I am aware of these tips because I already use many of these. But I will add own personal tips to these tips. Petite people are 5’4″ and shorter. I am taller than petite, but I still use a lot of these tips because I like the illusion of long and lean lines, which I think looks elegant.

  1. High Heels: My favorite high heels that I wear most often are wedges. I think they are the most comfortable high heels, and I wear them when I plan to walk a lot with heels on. Platforms are cute and trendy, but not very comfortable, especially when you plan to walk a lot or stand too much.
  2. Monochromatic outfits in one color from head to toe. I have always liked this look, not necessarily because I thought it made me look taller. I like this look because it looks clean and elegant, regardless which monochromatic color I choose.
  3. Dark plain high-rise jeans: I think dark jeans are very slimming. I have also noticed that on a Filipino friend. Although she is small to begin with, her dark jeans made her look slimmer and just gave her a better shape.
  4. Tuck in blouse into jeans: For me, I prefer the blouse untucked because I have longer legs and shorter torso.
  5. Long cardigans: I love wearing long cardigans during autumn and winter in a layered outfit. It is also cozy and comfy looking.
  6. Tailored well-fit clothes always look elegant and professional. And, I usually wear these when I want to dress up.
  7. Carry purses that are smaller, if you are considered petite. I have suggest to a short cousin that the smaller purse would look better on her body type.
  8. Shorter Hemlines: I used to wear miniskirts a lot when I was younger. I seem to be wearing them less nowadays. But I still wear all lengths, short, medium and long, depending on my mood.
  9. Putting up hair into a high bun: The only time I do this is when the weather is hot or maybe when I am washing my face. But my hair is usually too short to put it up in a high bun.
  10. Vertical Striped pants: I actually love pinstriped pants, shirts, vests, and jackets. They just look elegant, traditional, and professional.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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