The Best Cute Baby Clothes & Toddler Clothes of Y2K

What is Y2K, you say? A time in history not long ago when many people thought the world was going to end. That’s right. On the eve of December 31st, 1999, the world awaited for lights to go off, sparks to fly, and computers to crash. A night to certainly not be alone, it seemed as though everyone held their breath during what was believed to be the final countdown from Time’s Square. When the ball dropped, absolutely nothing happened! Standing for, “Year 2000” the fear this new decade evoked also brought out some pretty interesting fashion choices for kids, teens, and adults. If you were a baby of Y2K, read on to learn about some cute baby clothes or toddler clothes that you may have worn during this dilemma. Let’s just say the options are nowhere near the cute baby clothes and toddlers clothes like Bitsy Bug Boutique.

Trucker Hats

Logo and oversized trucker hats were everywhere-even on babies! Designed in many sizes, you weren’t in style if you weren’t at the park or on your walk in your stroller unless you were wearing a John Deere hat or other over the top styles!

Skirts and Jeans….Together

Babies were often put in stretchy but fitted jeans and wore a skirt or tutu overtop. A unique spin on leggings long ago, the two were often worn together and looked quite strange! While the trend for cute baby clothes and toddler clothes may have been on to something, it just never truly took off together.

Popped Polo Collars

Babies were often photographed with a popped collar. Giving off a too cool for school type of look, a popped up collar meant that your baby had sass-and they knew it! Plus, every celebrity known to man was popping their collar, and if they’re doing it, the kids needed to do it too, right?


Little baby girls often wore shrugs over top of a sleeveless shirt, a tank top, or a strappy sundress. Providing a bit of coverage, texture, and additional style; shrugs were shorter than classic cardigans, comfortable, stretchy, and easy to put on and take off a baby or toddler.

Bermuda Jeans

Not quite capri, not quite full length; Bermuda jeans were the perfect in-between length. Usually worn with cuffs rolled up and the pant itself fitted; little girls and boys looked totally cute wearing this trend-especially during spring and summer months.

Mini Pockets

Pockets are pretty functional, but not in Y2K apparently. Cute baby clothes and toddler clothes often featured mini pockets, which were sewn fully shut; on the front of back of jeans or trousers!

Asymmetrical Skirts and Dresses

The hemlines of skirts and dresses for cute baby clothes and toddler clothes were always designed on a slant! This asymmetrical trend didn’t last too long, but was featured usually in conjunction with stripes on these items.

Cargo Pants

Little boys (and girls for that matter) were often spotted in cargo pants. Composed of more pockets than you could imagine, the hem could be worn full length or rolled up and secured with a button for warmer weather. Also fitted, the pants hugged the body and were light weight.

Stretchy Bracelets

Little girls often had stretchy hair ties around their wrists and used them as an accessory, rather than a functional item to hold back their hair! Made popular by female rockers of the decade; it wasn’t unusual to see kids running around with elastics of all colors on their arm.

Little boys also donned Live Strong bracelets, which were colorful and stretchy. Eventually, other sayings appeared on these rubbery bracelets and were worn by both sexes, of all ages!

Colorful Jeans

Baby clothes and toddler clothes of the Y2K era must include colorful jeans. While denim was (and will always be) in, little boys and girls had jeans that were designed in every color of the rainbow-from buttery yellow, to bubble gum pink; hunter green, and basic black; these pants brightened up any onesie or plain knit top.

Ruffled Maxi Skirts

Baby and toddler girls wore a lot of ruffly, full length skirts. Designed in tiers, the more ruffles the better! Often worn with a tank tucked in, the skirts also had a tie dye cast to them; making them appropriate to wear to the beach and during warmer weather months.

Every decade has fashion trends that belong to it. Y2K is no exception. If you were a baby or toddler during that time, these were some of the most popular cute baby clothes or toddler clothes you’d be dressed in. From cargo pants, to shrugs, and even oversized trucker hats; the years after the fake apocalypse were undoubtedly one of a kind!


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