Style Up Your Palazzo Pants Regardless of Your Body Type

The whole forum of the section of pants was redefined by the introduction of palazzo pants. So, while you are out shopping for some extremely cozy and super comfortable pair of lower wear, you can always keep in mind to opt for the one and only palazzo. Even the first-class brands like Coco or Chanel cannot resist the temptation of the charm exuded by these kinds of pants. The pants are breezy, loose and also convenient for wearing anywhere and anytime. These cool pants are great as it provides an adjustable option for most body types of women.

Here are some refreshing tips for styling palazzo pants according to your body type and celebrating your moments.

1. Apple Shaped Body Type

Wide torso region, broad shoulder with full bust – you are an apple, lady. And if you get style with palazzo pants correct, it will accompany you to make you look slimmer and leaner. Since the middle section of your body is heavy and thus drawing uncomfortable attention there, your target is to impress an illusion of a line that is vertical with a straight palazzo pant. Monochromatic colours shall suit you well. Picking kurtis which are slightly loose in shape give you bonus. Soft fabrics such as cotton and silk with a V neckline are going to work in your favour. Be sure to choose light and simple designs.

2. Pear-Shaped Body Type

It is definitely an admirable figure when you possess voluptuous hips, healthy thighs and good rear. Even when you feel conscious of your bulky areas, the palazzo is a pant which are made just for you. For its flowy feature, it hides your curvy regions. Choosing the palazzo which fits the waist and from the thigh section, it flares out. Chiffon and georgette are the fabric types which give your body silhouette effects and that’s the exact thing you want to have. With solid colored and dark shaded palazzo, the upper wear can be zigzag or striped tops or kurtis, you are good to go!

3. Athletic Body Type

If you are into sports, fitness or athletics, your figure shall mainly be of a straight structure with a skinny frame. Snug-fitting palazzo around your hip which graciously flows down from a medium to a broad flare is your best option. A chic looking shirt of any colour shall go perfectly with for a formal day. Pair up with a spaghetti top when you are going out with your friends on a casual event.

4. Hourglass Shaped Body Type

If you have this worshipping figure, you can totally chill out. Swoop in into any comfy palazzo that matches your taste and rock the world. Only a thing to look out is to waist fitting as it highlights your curves. Match it up with any tops or kurtis and you are complete.

5. Short Sized Body Type

Choosing voluminous styles is a bad decision as it completely covers your whole frame. Fabrics of lightweight with narrow flares shall be a stylish option. With a wedge or platform pair, the teaming up shall suit well.


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Written by Rani Shete

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