Smart Shopping: Vegan Clothing and Accessories

When I want to buy something, I often seek vegan fashions, but it is usually hard to find. I have some fake leather and fur items, in which I really like and I have gotten compliments. But, unfortunately, some of my older shoes are made from leather because of availability. I found this video interesting because she lists some vegan options. I am not sure where I would find some of these items. I do have a lot of hemp, linen, acrylic, bamboo, rayon, and plastic items. I hope the fake fur I have is really fake.

Vegan leather:  Pleather includes plastic, cork, pineapple leaves, and mushroom leather.

Wool includes shaving animals, but some animals are still slaughtered. Alternatives include acrylic, linen, hemp, and bamboo.

Silk is from silk worms. Alternatives include rayon, tencel, and modal.

Feathers are from goose feathers and other rare birds. Alternatives include synthetic down, thinsulate, and primaloft.

Fur is from slaughtered animals, which is sick. Alternatives include faux fur and fake fur. But some faux fur might be cats and dogs skinned alive.


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