Slay with style—4 ways to style your PJs for college

Begins the month of June and almost all of us are eagerly waiting for the monsoon showers to drizzle soon. After all, scorching summers have always been touted as a major trouble. Though, we ladies have a soft spot for these sun-kissed months as they give us an excuse to strut around in those lovely floral skirts, maxi dresses, and linen shirts but let’s admit it, even they become a hassle to pull-off when you are swamped by sweat and heat!

If you ask us, the only true companion of the otherwise moribund summer season is those comfy and breezy PJs. And before you start getting all-judgmental and start believing that wearing pyjamas end at the vicinity of your home, we wish to tell you something that you must take note of. It is very much possible to style your skin-friendly PJs for daily routine. Trust us! our style guide is perfect for women who firmly believe in blending style and comfort together.

Stay cool this summer with these handy tips of styling your PJs for college or elsewhere-

Get a cool T or a cape with your PJ shorts

Since you don’t mind showing off your legs during the hotter months; why not do it in your comfy PJ shorts? And guess what? It is not that difficult to style it. Grab a cool T or a cape perhaps and you are ready to go! For accessorizing, put on a choker or anklets to don a boho-chic look! Though denim shorts have always been touted as summer-time darlings but cotton shorts can work well too if styled properly.

Get those ‘whites’ out of the closet 

Your Summer goals are incomplete without those whites in your wardrobe and we know you couldn’t agree better. It keeps you fresh and lively throughout the day while adding oomph to your everyday style without a doubt. So, wear a soft denim-T with those white Pyjamas or do the reverse; both will give you a clean and sophisticated look for the summer. Accessorize with clamping a belt on the waist or add some chic bracelets perhaps, everything works like magic with the whites.

Cotton is your summer-time best friend 

Soft, breathable, ultra -comfortable fabric that is trending this summer is cotton. It lets you glide through your day with ease without compromising on the style. Whether your day is jam-packed with classes, lunch outings or you have plans for a late-night movie, we say cotton is something that will make you wade through all such stuff. All you have to do is get a printed PJ and pair it up with a long flowing Kurta or a collared linen shirt and you are ready to slay with style.

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Style the Lacy garbs 

Lace night dresses are flawless pieces. They are partially transparent and hence can work like a charm as a college dress. Wear the top with a dark colored spaghetti underneath and you are ready to go. Search some night dresses online and get the PJs with some fringy extensions. Trust us! This will certainly add a Midas touch to your personality.


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Written by Anjali Dixit

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