Jewellery style of Madhya Pradesh

Tribal Jewellery is in trend these days. They are pocket-friendly yet classy and dramatic. Known for their retro and vintage feel; these pieces are definitely the right choice when it comes to getting a complex yet elegant look. These exquisite pieces carry with themselves the legacy and the cultural heritage of the place from where it comes and definitely add value and respect to the hands that created it. Tribal necklaces, bangles and earrings have come into the foray only in the recent past when many of our designers and brands have returned to their roots in order to find something exclusive and out-of-the-box.

Indian tribal jewellery includes a whole load of collection but the one we are discussing here has still a long way to achieve the desired popularity and its none other than the tribal jewellery of Madhya Pradesh. One of the uncanny features of the jewellery here is the use of grass, coins, natural beads and cane to make it look unique and different. Like all other tribes, the craftsmen here, also make the best use of nature and its resources. Ornaments are also made of copper, glass, silver, and wood and it is so loved among the tribal people that even men prefer to wear them. Some of the common styles of jewellery includes:


Bead jewellery is quite popular among the Bhil and Bhilal communities of Madhya Pradesh. This tribal jewellery is made of glass and plastic beads; they are colourful and highlight the rich art and aesthetics from rural Madhya Pradesh. Designs of bead necklaces, earrings and bracelets are a fusion of various colour schemes and contemporary designs. Created by skilled artisans, these types of jewellery is quite popular among the traveller and are often displayed on regional and national level exhibitions in order to increase its exposure among the public. The “Galsan Maala” of beads is one of the most convenient day to day ornaments worn among the women of both rural and urban areas are also available in tribal jewellery online.


Silver Jewellery is another most commonly worn piece among the rural women, along with silver, brass, zinc and tin is also used by many tribes to make the jewellery. Most of the jewellery can be made using the metal in two forms, as rods and as plates. The rods are commonly bent into closed curves to make armlets, bracelets and necklaces; the plates are cut to get the desired outline of the pendant. The making of this type of jewellery is a treasured skill that most of the craftsmen have inherited from their ancestors. The most popular accessories among the silver jewellery include basta kada (armlet), Taagali (necklace), jhumki (earrings), bichua (toe rings) and many more.


Another most common type of Indian tribal jewellery available is Thewa jewellery which is basically an enamelling technique, Thewa means “setting” and it is an art of fusing gold with multi-coloured glass mostly red, green or blue, this technique is famous in South of Rajasthan and Rampur in Madhya Pradesh. Thewa art is mainly performed on pendants, brooches, earrings and rings and uses pearls, gold and diamonds to enhance the look. The process of crafting Thewa jewellery is detailed and time-consuming and it takes months to complete a piece.

Jewellery style of Madhya Pradesh is pretty simple and aesthetic and is slowly gaining popularity among Indian tribal jewellery online and people across the world are beginning to show their interest in such colourful and crafty pieces.

If you like to try these jewellery styles, search for Indian tribal jewellery online and look for the vast collections and don’t forget to let us know your favourite style of jewellery.


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