Important Tips to Buy Gold Bracelets Online

Bracelets are elegant pieces of jewellery that add finesse and class to your attire, and your personality. While we interact with others, people generally tend to notice hand gestures. Hence, the jewellery worn on your hands may very well be taken as a symbol of your personal style and confidence. Thus, gold bracelets for men or women may help make them be the centre of attention at any formal or informal event. Unlike necklaces and heavy bangles, many a times bracelets are worn daily too. Hence, it is advisable to choose bracelets which are a combination of design, durability, and convenience. But, is that all you need to keep in mind while buying bracelets online? Surely not! Bracelets, especially those made using gold are an expensive investment, hence there are a few more points that you should consider.

Choice of gemstones: Gold bracelets for women and men are available with studded gemstones. Type of gemstone ranges from precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphire etc., to semi-precious stones such as amethyst, lapis-lazuli, peridot etc. If you are choosing a bracelet with a gemstone, you may either choose a mix of precious and semi-precious gemstones, or either one of the two options. The first option makes for a more cost-effective buy as compared to the latter. For a more understated yet impactful look, you may buy plain gold bracelets with a motif on it.

Occasion: The rule here is quite simple. Anything too embellished or flashy is to be restricted to informal events such as parties, wedding ceremonies etc. Every other type of bracelet suits both formal and informal occasions. If you are unable to make your mind up, remember the tip that a gold bracelet with minimal gemstone work is a safe bet anytime.

Shape and structure of hands: If you have thin and bony hands, avoid buying slim bracelets, as it will just look inconspicuous once worn. If you have short and chubby hands, choose designs which help give an elongated look. Similarly, if you want to make your wrists look large or small, go for the size opposite of the actual wrist size. For example, buy small bracelets for large wrists, and wide bracelets for petite wrist.

Fitting: Some people may choose bracelets that fit perfectly on their wrists, while others may like to have a bracelet little loose. Both the fittings are a matter of individual choice. The only thing you should avoid is to not wear a bracelet that is too loose. You will either keep adjusting the bracelet when it slides down your wrist continuously, and sooner or later might end up losing the bracelet for sure.

Purity of gold: Gold bracelets are usually crafted in 14K or 18K gold, though you may find options in 22K or 24K gold too. Check for Bareeq certification while buying gold bracelets online and, otherwise.

The 3 Rs: Do check the policies on three Rs—repair, return, and refund, while buying gold bracelets. This will help ensure that your money is being invested for the right product.

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