How to Style A V Neck Shirt With A Winter Jacket

While winter fashion and its thick knits, woolly blazers and deep earthy colours are definitely something we love, we often miss the simplicity of just wearing a t-shirt. 

Yes, that soft, comfortable V-neck t-shirt that fits like the second skin and gifts the freedom of movement. 

If you’re one of those guys too, we’ve got great news because you can still wear a tee in winter. In fact, to create a simple outfit for running errands or grabbing a weekend coffee in the park, you only need one other piece – a winter jacket. 

Not sure how to pull it off? Here’s how to style a V-neck t-shirt with a winter jacket. 

Choosing your V-neck 

V-neck tees are not only a little bit more stylish than crewnecks, but they’re also a great choice for guys who want to look a little taller and slimmer.  

With so many different t-shirt choices available, you’ll easily find one you like, but keep in mind that a V-neck should never be too baggy and that it should nicely hug your figure. As for the V-cut, make sure it’s not too deep and take note that it’s not lower than 3-4 inches below the base of the throat.

Lastly, always choose high-quality V-necks from trusted brands like Fresh Clean Tees to ensure comfort and style. Check it here:

Choosing your jacket

Because you need to get all your warmth from the jacket, we recommend skipping the tailored coats that don’t have much insulation.

Here are our winter jacket recommendations to go with your V-neck.

Puffer jacket. It’s thick, snug, cozy and super warm. It also looks great in the city and in nature, and you can choose either classic black, white or navy or currently trending neon and other bright colours. Some puffers also come with think hoods for extra warmth if you live in super cold climates.

Shearling jacket. If you live in a warmer climate, you can’t go wrong with a shearling jacket. It’s warm, stylish and looks great with jeans and a cute beanie. Opt for a classic blue, black or go for a more exciting red or mustard colour!

Down jacket. It keeps you warm in any kind of weather and is also very stylish. If you get a super oversized jacket, choose skinnier jeans or trousers to go with.

Parka. Another warm option that usually comes with a fur-lined hood and keeps you warm even in the coldest weather. Wear it to your weekend outings and hiking trips.

Choosing your bottoms 

Let us start by saying that almost any type of casual or semi-casual trousers will look great with this V-neck and a winter jacket look. 

But if you need some help choosing, here are our favourites.

Chinos. Tailored chinos are one of the best choices when you’re aiming for that middle ground between a put-together and relaxed look. 

Jeans. You can never go wrong with classic blue or black denim trousers except if they’re ripped or bedazzled. Just don’t. 

Tailored sweats. If you’re going for the ultimate comfort, thick tailored sweats are the best choice.

Cargo pants. This option will be perfect for that sexy lumberjack style for your weekend trip to the countryside or hanging in the local park with hot cocoa in hand. 


If the wind is howling or it’s snowing, you might want to add some extra warmth with such winter accessories as a scarf, a hat and gloves.

We recommend getting the whole package in the same colour for the guys who like colour-coordinating, but if you’re more of an “I’ll wing it” guy, just make sure your colours and patterns don’t clash. The safest choices are grey, beige, white and black. 

And if you want to add extra flair, experiment with bright colours like red, Fucshia or even neon. Like time-honoured classic? Go for Scandinavian prints!

Why this look works?

Whichever top or bottom combination you choose, this look works because it takes just a couple of minutes to put together; it’s comfortable, warm and stylish without seeming like you’re overdoing it.

When it’s cold, just zip up your jacket; when it’s warmer – unzip it and proudly show off your V-neck tee. 


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