How to Find the Right Shoes for Babies and Toddlers?

Newborn babies are fragile and small in size. They have tiny feet and hands and require ultra care and protection. Until the child learns to take the first steps and walk with tiny feet, there is no requirement for shoes. The bare feet require such shoes that are soft, comfortable, lightweight and flexible. Shoes are important to protect the kid’s feet who keep toddling in and around the house. The shoes not only protect the feet but also help the child to develop more strength in their legs. The toddler shoe laces length should be considered while buying the shoes and it is best to opt for no-tie laces.

Before buying the shoes the following things should be kept in mind.

What to Buy Laces or Velcro?

Before buying the shoes one must be clear what type of shoes need to be bought for their growing toddler. The one with the laces is a little time consuming as they need to be retied several times. However, once tied they are difficult to untie by the kids. On the other hand, Velcro makes the wearing process much easier as it is without laces. So, once worn they are easy to remove. But once the child learns the procedure to remove them it may become a problem. Therefore they must be chosen wisely and it is best to opt for no-tie laces instead made of sturdy material.

Choose the Material That Is Lightweight and breathable

The kid’s feet are quite delicate and are in process of growing so shoes should be soft and lightweight. It should be made of such a material that allows the kid’s feet to breathe and feel comfortable. Therefore leather and synthetics should be avoided.

Quality of Soles

Since the toddlers are not very used to smooth walking so they are prone to bruises and injuries. Therefore they require shoes whose soles are gripping and anti-skid. If the sole is smooth then there are chances that the kid may slip and hurt themselves.

Use Measured Approach

In order to buy shoes, the kid’s feet need to be measured properly. For this, the kid should be carried to the shoe store, so that the exact size can be bought. It is important that the shoe is of the right size as both bigger and smaller size won’t make the toddler comfortable in walking.

Right Time to Shop

The best time to shop shoes for the kids is in the afternoon. The reason for this is that in the morning kids feet are not swelled up. It is in the afternoon that the babies’ feet swell so shoes can be bought that would actually fit them.

Identify the Problem Spots

In order to know whether the shoes are comfortable for the babies or not, they should be allowed to wear the shoes indoors. Then, after some time, remove them in order to know whether it has caused any irritation or not.

Focus On Comfort

Nowadays the shoes for toddlers are available in various varieties such as boots, sandals, and slippers. Though the new varieties are highly fashionable and look adorable on kids they aren’t comfortable. The kids require shoes that ensure their safety and well being. So focus should be made on safety rather than on looks.

Kid’s feet are delicate so they require shoes that make them feel comfortable and helps them to walk smoothly.  The toddler shoe laces length should be long enough so that they can be tied properly or opt for no-tie laces that ensure the safety of your child while walking on sneakers.


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