How to customize your existing wardrobe on a budget

The new season has just begun and its times for you to stock your wardrobe up with the latest trends in fashion. According to an old French saying “beauty is pain.” This fits well with the latest fashion and your wallet. If you follow fast fashion, it will be hard on your pocket to keep up with the latest trends. The majority of the time, it becomes an expensive problem to embrace new styles and try to set yourself apart from the world. However, if you stick to the slow fashion, you can customize your wardrobe when the new season arrives. This way you can stay on a budget, look chic and up to date.

Steal the spotlight by turning your basic outfits into a wardrobe exclusively unique to you. All you need is a little creativity and time. From iron-on to tie and dye, there are various ways for you to customize your wardrobe without having to comprise your style or your budget.

Thrifty fashion hacks to personalize your wardrobe:

Fashion is all about innovation. One of the fascinating facts about modern clothing is that the T-Shirt was created by separating one-union suit underwear into top and bottom. Customization is at the heart of fashion and there are various ways to approach it. Some of those methods are listed below:

Cutting up: 

Cutting up

Do you have some shabby t-shirts resting in your wardrobe? Don’t worry! You can transform them into an entirely new piece of clothing. All you need to do is to cut them up to create a grunge look. You can complete the Coachella vibe by cutting off the bottom and turning it into interlaced straps. The off-the-shoulder style is all the rage this season. To create this look, all you need to do is to cut the collar. Go all DIY by cutting off your t-shirt however it suits you.

Adorn it with a pin: 

Adorn it with a pin

Bring back those 90’s vibes with the renaissance of the pin trend. Pins are the best accessory to take your outfit from basic to chic. Enamel pins are all the rage these days. You will find various affordable and super affordable options online to adorn your outfit with. You can use collar pins or lapel pins to add a classic touch to your attire. You can even upgrade your plain denim jacket with some funky enamel pins. Choose the ones from the fandoms you like and express your taste through your outfit.

Shorten up your outfit:

Shorten up your outfit

Update the old dress resting at the back of your closet or tweak some old pants to suit the latest trends. All you need is a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. Transform your dress to suit your taste and be exclusive to your style. Take a few inches off and hem the bottom. There you got an entirely new style within a matter of minutes. Be it a summer dress or wide-legged pants, take the hem from ankle to the knee length to create an entirely new piece of clothing that complements your wardrobe.

Sew a collar:

Sew a collar

Add that insanely chic touch to your outfit by adding a collar to your old dresses, tees, and humdrum tops. There are so many tutorials for you to follow online. Create a Cher Horowitz inspired outfit and bring that 90’s vibe back to life. You can use just about any fabric to forge a collar. You can even repurpose an existing one with or without a button up to create a look truly one of its kind.

Add iron-on patches: 

Add iron-on patches

Add that utter hip to your outfit by adorning it with an embroidered patch. Be it a vintage patch or something out of your favorite fandom, a trendy patch can take any outfit from basic to chic. Select your favorite appliques and stitch them on to your denim jacket, jeans, or canvas tote. Express the vintage babe in you with embroidered patches and add that wow factor to your outfit.

Screenprint your basic tee:

Screenprint your basic tee

Turn your plain basic t-shirt into an outfit that expresses your true personality. Screenprint them with your favorite pictures and add that oomph to your plain tee. Various tutorials teach you how to screen-print your clothes. Choose your favorite band’s sign or create your own print. Print it out on an iron-on-transfer and make a bold statement.

Elbow patches: 

Elbow patches

Modify your sweater or a long sleeve shirt into a sleek outfit. Elbow patches are a great way to renew an old jacket, jumper or a coat. These elbow patches were trendy in the ’90s and now they are making a comeback. Create a vintage look by stitching or ironing-on a pair of elbow patches to your sweater, jacket, or sweatshirt. These patches are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can customize your outfit in a matter of minutes at home. Elbow patches add a new dimension to your outfit and make it appear impeccably tailored.

Distress boring jeans: 

Distress boring jeans

It can be quite expensive to buy a branded pair of pre-distressed jeans. It often appears as if you are paying more for a look you can create on your own – and that what the reality is. You can replicate your distressed denim style at home using a cheese grater or bleach. Create a fraying or holed pre-distressed pair of jeans at home. Use bleach or vegetable/ cheese grater and you are good. Create a distress denim style on your own at home with your regular household items.

Print your own tote bags: 

Print your own tote bags

Boho chic fashion is all the rage this season where you can find at Buddy Love. This indicates the return of the tribal tote bags. Various brands are selling bohemian style tote bags that cost over $100. Why spent a pretty penny on something you can create at home? You can create a personalized tote bag by bringing your aesthetic sense into play. With only five to seven dollars in your pocket, you can stitch a tote bag that appears professionally tailored yet unique to your personality.

All you need is canvas fabric, masking tape, and fabric paint. You can also purchase a plain tote bag from a thrift store or your favorite brand for cheap using coupon codes. Once you have neatly stitched your tote bag, create a geometric pattern using the masking tape. Now apply fabric paint to create the image you have in your mind. Let it dry for 15-20 mins and gently remove the masking tape. There you have a traditional bohemian style tote bag that suits your pocket.

Final thought:

With the advent of fast fashion, it getting harder to keep up with the latest trends. No one can afford to revamp her wardrobe every other month. However, by bringing your aesthetic sense and creativity into play, you can customize your wardrobe for the new season. You don’t need to splurge hundreds of dollars while trying to look up to date. You can customize your existing wardrobe to achieve the looks trending this season.


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Written by Evie Mason

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