Hair Styling Ideas for Men: Variations of the Man Bun

The man bun is a fashion tradition that has popped up in today’s latest fashion trends, but it is a hairstyle that has been around for a long period of time. Throughout different time periods in history, this hairstyle has popped up repeatedly. While the bun hairstyle is normally considered to be a female fashion, more and more modern men are donning the manly version of the bun. Many great men throughout history have had this type of hair style.

Some people have the opinion that this hairstyle on men is not masculine or that it is outdated. You can just bet that people who think that are not aware of the brave samurai warriors of Japan who had this hairstyle. Find style ideas for a man bun on

Learn how to look just like a Real Samurai Warrior from Japan

Men should not be afraid to try new things, especially with their hair. Rocking the samurai bun is a fashion forward way to look just like one of the brave true warriors that Japan regards so highly. Not much is required in order to achieve this look. The bun for men is not just for guys with long hair or for pop stars. This look is dashing on the samurai warriors and it can help you look dashing too.

The Three Main Components Needed to Pull Off This Look

The main things needed to pull of this look is a decent amount of hair on top of your head, a hair band, and a brush. For a sleek look, brush all your hair back away from your face and begin the steps of putting it in a ponytail. Instead of pulling your hair all the way through the hair band, you should stop half way and leave it alone. This is a real genuine samurai man bun.

What Type of Men Look Good in a Samurai Bun?

The samurai bun for men is a simple look that is easy to do. It takes just a few minutes to accomplish and looks great. Men who have high cheek bones especially look spiffy with this hairstyle. The samurai man bun also is eye catching with an undercut. Men with a full beard also look very attractive when they style their hair like a samurai.

Trendy Man Buns for All Hair Types

While the slicked back samurai bun appeals to some men, others prefer to leave their man bun a little messy to achieve a casual laid back look. This can be easily achieved by leaving a few strands of hair outside of the bun to hang down around your face or on your forehead. You can experiment placing the bun on the back of your head and on the side of your head to see which style of bun fits your features the best.

Dressing for Success or Dressing Down

The samurai bun can be worn for casual and formal occasions. Men also have the option of the half bun. This style of bun for men is for men with longer hair. Men with short hair look better with an undercut with their bun.


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