Guide to the main skills for the Fire Mage in World of Warcraft Classic

Mage is one of the most interesting and colorful classes in World of Warcraft Classic. The caster is highly dependent on mana, but is capable of inflicting huge AoE and single damage on monsters and other players.

In order for a magician to reach his potential, he needs a good offensive weapon and protective equipment in the form of a robe. Jewelry for chance and ability power and critical attack. To provide the magician with everything necessary, you need a lot of gold, and here are ways to get it:

  1. Follow the link and order the required amount of gold. The service will prepare the order and disguise the deal as a regular exchange between players, so that the game administration does not even have a formal reason to impose game sanctions. In the event of disputes or litigation, the service guarantees a refund, as it is confident in the quality of its delivery.
  1. Complete the main and secondary tasks that are handed out by local NPCs – most quests will bring gold depending on the game level and the complexity of the task, as well as provide useful equipment and weapons for a comfortable game at the start of the character’s progress through the game levels.
  1. Learn Gathering and Crafting professions to be able to get gold by selling materials to other artisans, or creating equipment and weapons for yourself, or selling on the marketplace.
  1. Learn to fish and cook – Fishing and cooking professions do not occupy a profession slot and can be learned by all players. Fishing will allow you to catch fish and use it as material for cooking. Periodically, you will catch special fish that are ground into reagents and are needed by inscriptions for production – they can be sold for additional gold. Cooking is needed to prepare dishes and gain the ability to apply buffs to anyone who tries it. An experienced chef can prepare feasts and charge for everyone who tries it – especially true before raids for large groups.

Basic Spells for the Fire Specialization of the Mage in World of Warcraft

Survival Spells

Ice Ring – Deals damage to enemies and slows down their movement speed. Does not require a target to cast.

Mana Shield – Absorbs incoming damage and allows you to transfer it to mana, not health. Do not abuse this skill, the shield will not protect you from a full-fledged enemy attack, it is needed to help you survive the first damage and get away from receiving damage. Get out from under the attack and continue the fight, if you lose all your mana, you will not be able to fight, then you will quickly lose your health.

Explosive wave – deals damage with the power of fire, knocks over enemies and does not allow them to immediately recover. They will be disoriented for another 6 seconds.

Dragon’s Breath – Deals damage to targets that are in front of the magician along the front. Targets will be knocked back and disoriented, preventing them from returning to combat for 6 seconds. Any damage will bring them out of this state earlier, so after using the skill, the magician will automatically stop the damage.

Blink – removes negative effects that restrict movement and impose a stun. Moves the mage forward 20 meters if there are no obstacles ahead.

Control Skills

Transformation – turns the enemy into a turtle, which loses the ability to attack and begins to move around aimlessly. Any damage will bring the target out of this state and while the enemy is transformed, he will receive accelerated regeneration of health and mana.

Antimagic – casts a spell on the target that blocks the use of any magic skills for 4 seconds.

Spellstealer – A skill that allows you to steal any strengthening spell cast on an enemy of magical origin.

Basic Attack Skills

Combustion – increases the chance of a critical attack with fire magic by 50%. Damage will be increased proportionally. The effect will last until three critical attacks of increased power are applied to targets using fire magic.

Frostfire Arrow – A combined attack with the power of ice and fire. Deals damage, slows the target, and inflicts a flaming effect that will deal additional damage for the duration.

Path of Fire – If any magic skill of the fire element deals critical damage to the target twice in a row, you can cast an enhanced Pyroblast spell instantly and without mana cost.

Fiery Reckoning – Reduces all incoming damage to you when your total health drops below 35%. You will use Pyroblast much more often and with less cast time, and targets that attack you will have a high chance of dropping a ranged weapon, or losing the ability to attack with their right hand.

Pyroblast – Inflicts heavy damage to the enemy with the elements of fire and imposes a long-lasting igniting effect that permanently causes damage.

Burn – inflicts heavy damage to the enemy with the elements of fire.

Fire Blast – Deals increased fire damage to the target.

These two skills are used as finishing skills that allow you to finally finish off the target and end the fight.

Living Bomb is a strong AoE skill that is applied to a target that is among allies. Deals damage on expiration or as the spell dissipates, and deals massive damage to all enemies in an area.


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