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Getting a Tattoo: The Four Essential Aspects to Consider

An increasing number of modern-day individuals are getting inked to rejuvenate outer appearance, express suppressed emotions, rebel against society’s age-old concepts, and honour deceased family member. If you are planning on doing the same, please consider four essential aspects namely artist, body part, design, and aftercare from beforehand. Know more about each by checking out below-mentioned pointers right away.

> Artist

Staff members of top Gold Coast ink tattoo parlours emphasised on significance of scheduling appointment with an experienced artist, who can etch motifs accurately, inflicting as little pain as possible. Some beneficial characteristics are:

  • Steady hand
  • Appreciation for alternative cultures
  • Flair for creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Patience
  • Dedication
  • Attention to details

> Body Part

Be careful when choosing a body part because nobody likes enduring discomfort for a prolonged period. As per studies, best areas include:

  • Outer collarbone does not change much with age, and remains hidden most of the times.
  • Back is believed to be best for intricate designs. An artist can work without any hassle.
  • Upper thighs have less nerve endings and more muscular tissues, thus, people would not feel much pain.
  • Shoulders and calves also do not get affected by aging, or in other words, do not develop wrinkles, fine lines, creases, etc.

> Design

From among diverse choices, try choosing a visually appealing and profoundly connotative design, which can seamlessly highlight significant aspects of a concerned individual’s personality. Few themes are:

  • Phases of moon depict unpredictability of life. They also show how nothing is permanent, neither joy nor sorrow.
  • Tribal patterns are incredibly bold, and exude masculine traits such as bravery, dominance, aggression, strength, etc.
  • In addition to beauty, butterflies also represent dramatic transformation. This particular insect goes through lots of struggles to emerge from something ordinary into something utterly breathtaking.
  • Men prefer carving face or entire built of lion, also known as the king of the jungle. It embodies varied aspects such as power, leadership, balance, courage, wisdom, hope, responsibility, etc.
  • Mandalas look incredibly gorgeous when carved cautiously on body parts with enough dimension. They are considered quite important in prominent religions- Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

> Aftercare

According to highly competent professionals working in Gold Coast ink tattoo shops, not taking care of freshly etched skin can unnecessarily slow down overall recovery process along with triggering infections. Major tips among the lot include:

  • Washing concerned area using lukewarm water and medicated soap.
  • Moisturising keeps flakiness at bay. Apply a thin coat of any unscented lotion found in market.
  • Not venturing out in sun as ultraviolet (UV) radiation can discolour designs quite quickly.
  • Avoiding taking dips in swimming pools because doing so might provide access to harmful germs.
  • Resisting temptation to pick scabs. To alleviate irritation, rub Aloe Vera gel, petroleum jelly, or simply look out for distractions.

Each aspect stated above assures desirable result under all circumstances. Although several options are readily available, I would personally ask you, and other enthusiasts to only rely upon Celebrity Ink™, the biggest tattoo brand in the world. By offering quality services for an affordable price, it has until now managed to satisfy wide clientele of Australia and Southeast Asia. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?


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Written by Tom Clark

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