Fashionable Designer Blouses to Match Diverse Ensembles

Do you recollect that song from Khuddar, where Karishma Kapoor goes, “Sexy, sexy, sexy, mujhe log bole”? Well, people might just start humming that song, replacing the ‘mujhe’ with ‘tujhe’ when they view your stylish, chic, sexy, or ultra-modern blouse! There was a time when no one paid much attention to the humble blouse, believing that it just went with a saree and suited no other kind of apparel. However, in contemporary times, innovative couturiers have concluded that unusually patterned blouses team well with not only the traditional saree, but also flowing lehengas, long/short skirts, pants and palazzos too! All that you have to do is to ensure that you mix-and-match beautifully, or contrast with a keen eye for detail. This way, you will become the inspiration for evolving fashion trends! Outlined below are some bold and stunning blouse designs that you might like to adopt.

A Window at the Back

This trend has been in vogue for some time now, with the windows just becoming bigger and bigger! They serve a good purpose during the hot summer days, revealing your well toned back, as well as keeping you cool! However, it does not mean that you should stop being bold and brazen, as soon as the season ends. You are welcome to experiment with all manner of shapes and cut outs, in order to display your sexy and well-maintained back! In fact, you might even have a tattoo inscribed onto your beautifully waxed skin, as an additional attraction. In case, you are shy about exhibiting so much of bare skin, you might request your tailor to have net fabric or something made of fragile material to substitute for a window curtain! It should look charmingly classy!

This is an ideal pattern for you, if you possess broad shoulders and a heavy chest. However, this does not mean that people with other types of body frames should not wear it. The window at the back may be round, square, oval, cut in the shape of a U, or in whatever shape that takes your fancy. You may have piping on the borders to match the hues on your saree. Alternatively, you may go in for embellishments, such as beads, sequins, intricate embroidery work, cutwork, etc.

Bare the Back, without a Care

Earlier, the baring of the back remained modest to a degree! It began with tie-up strings. However, many of you were probably not satisfied with this simple modification, and therefore, decided to experiment! The outcome is U-necks and V-necks, which offer scintillating or sensuous views of an equally sexy back! A sturdy and reliable string suffices to hold everything in place. It lies at the base of the blouse. Laces, tassels, etc, only add to the show! Similarly, it is possible to have the cut out shaped like a pot, boat, and so on.

If you have the confidence and nerve to carry off this style, do go ahead! The shape of the cut is such that the bias ends of the blouse overlap nearer to the shoulders. Obviously, much of your back lies exposed. This pattern is suitable for a lehenga too.

Imagine what goes on in the mind of the onlooker, who witnesses some kind of transparent fabric, net, tissue or gossamer covering the obviously bare skin at the back! The covering gives a hint of what lies underneath, but does not fully reveal the back. The overall impression is superbly coquettish and sexy! As for the design of the blouse itself, it is your choice.

Cover Me Up

Generally, a blouse reaches only up to the waist region, wherein the slender, or even the not-so-slender, midriff is on display. However, you may adopt this conventional style on formal or grand occasions only. At other times, you are welcome to discard all traditional thoughts. Now, you might fall in love with old-world and aristocratic-looking long blouses, which cover even the waist. These are the wonderfully classy cholis from Rajasthan, the crop tops with a combination of the East and the West, or the majestic-looking angarakhas. You may have to alter the drape of the dupatta of your lehenga or the way you exhibit the saree’s pallu, slightly.

Two tone layers are also a part of the cover-up scene! They are rapidly gaining popularity, for they make you look like a Queen! The pleated effects, frilly layers, ruffles, etc, suffice to create a combination of modern and vintage at one go. The bonus is that you need not maintain this style only on long blouses, but also on regular-length blouses, or even short ones. Try diverse fabrics, textures and colours, to figure out what suits your personality the best. Laces, borders, embroidery, etc, are welcome too. Create layers possessing apron-like flaps with the aid of clues. Alternatively, go in for cover-ups or jackets.

Nowadays, many people are experimenting with items of clothing covering the traditional saree blouse in novel ways! For instance, you may come across Nehru jackets, ponchos, Chinese collars, floor-length jackets and waist-length cover-ups at various social events. In fact, the extra layer just adds a splendidly new dimension to the whole ensemble! Amongst the lot, the high-necked, coyly graceful and regal-appearing Chinese collars really stand out! Such experiments convey a carefree and spirited attitude, eager to try something different every time! The cover-ups have an additional advantage. They hide unsightly bulges!

Finally, there are the peplums and frock-style frills are ideal for those of you, who are keen to adopt waist-length blouse designs. This kind of a design serves to award you a girly look, which contrasts with the sober and refined elegance of your saree! The peplum may comprise of sheer net fabric, which begins at the empire-waist level. Alternatively, you may opt for thicker material. Do ensure that the gatherings at the waist do not add excess inches, thereby ruining everything!


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Written by Rani Shete

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