Fall Fashion: Things Your Son Needs

Times have changed and today’s kids are already as fashionable as any adult out there. Usually girls are the ones who are always conscious of what they wear. But, it is wrong to think that only girls are fashionable. Boys are also a tough competition when it comes to dressing in style.

Below are a few fall fashion trends your boy needs:

Tough Jeans

These are the most important gear every boy needs in his wardrobe, whether they are a little toddler or a growing tween. Pick a pair of nice, tough jeans or a strong and durable pair of pants. These are perfect for the coming fall season. They are comfy to wear and will keep your son’s legs from the chilly weather. They will also protect him if he accidently falls while playing. Jeans usually have a neutral kind of style which can be worn with any shirt and accessories to look cool and classy.

Knitted Tops

To prepare for the coming of the cold season, it is essential that your son wears suitable types of clothes for boys. Knitted tops are a must-have for this fall and winter seasons. Pick knitted tops that are thick and warm because the main purpose of using them is to provide warmth. Fall weather is usually boring and dull but young children love to go outside and play. Because of this, choose knitted tops with fun colors and designs to add extra excitement to their play.


The best footwear to use during the fall season is boots. They are excellent to partner with those tough jeans. You’ll just need to add a nice knitted top then your young son will be the ultimate chick magnet. Make sure that you buy boots that are light and comfy to wear since this will keep your son’s feet safe. The boots should also be made of genuine leather so that they allow those feet to breathe (as long as the boots are not covered in a water repellant). Also remember that the sole of the boots should be made of rubber so that your son will not slip and slide when walking or running around.


These are sweaters with their fronts opened and is a basic for fall fashion. They give your son a warm outer layer without too much bulkiness. Partner these with a patterned shirt for a nice stylish look, or with a white-collared shirt for a more traditional look. Knitted cardigans are made with additional fabric which makes them feel like they are wearing a blanket, perfect for welcoming the chilly weather.


Don’t be afraid to add extras to your son’s fall outfit. Keep those scarves away since they are reserved for snowy weather. Belts and sunglasses are great additions to your boy’s fall outfit. To save you from buying multiple glasses, pick out a style that could be used year round.


Fall fashion is all about layering, and for this you will need a jacket. You can pick any jacket that falls between a motorcycle jacket and a windbreaker. It must also be flexible to partner with any top your kid has. You can also let him wear bomber jackets for a spiffier look.


Beanies are the perfect add-on to provide warmth for your kids. Keep the color of the beanie the same as his jacket, if he is wearing one. Beanies usually come in various styles and textures so it won’t be too difficult to find one that suits your son’s style. For an effortlessly cool look, add a beanie to his outfit.


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