Do You Need Your Suit Tailored?

The fashion industry was booming before the global pandemic of COVID-19, both for men and women. In 2019, US apparel market revenue amounted to $359 billion. As is the case with practically any industry, it suffered a massive blow. 

However, it has managed to recover to some capacity. Sure, women’s clothing was always more profitable, but we can see that men’s started to pick up slowly. We can see that there are prejudices towards men’s clothing, especially by saying that men don’t care too much about clothes.

In this class, there are two sub-categories, and comparing made-to-measure vs off-the-rack is often a subject of debate. One of the reasons why the value has skyrocketed in the last couple of years is an increased interest in tailored suits. Let’s see what you need to know before you can obtain a high-quality tailored suit.

  1. Meet with a Tailor

The first step in buying a tailored suit is to meet with a professional who will take your measures. At the same time, you can discuss the materials you would like and any other features you would like to add. For some reason, we can see many men feel intimidated when they talk with their tailor. 

So, they are afraid to speak their mind about some aspects or ask the tailor about something. Basically, this is nothing more than a business relationship. The tailor is investing its time and skills to provide you with a service, and you pay a certain price for it. 

Naturally, what you will get solely depends on what you want. That doesn’t mean that the professional will not provide you with some helpful advice. That’s why you should have an open mind about these discussions and not be afraid to speak.

  1. Start With Trousers

One of the commonest mistakes men make when they opt for tailored clothing is leaving their trousers too long. We are talking about a problem so common that even many celebrities have a problem with getting it right. 

While this is nothing wrong with this approach, we will all agree that trousers don’t look good if they are too long. At the same time, them being too low is also a mistake. Since you want a tailored suit, you want them to match you perfectly. 

When we’re talking about looks, we would say that these would make you look sloppier and shorter than you are. Instead, make sure that they are long enough to touch your shoes. That way, you will have a chance to match them with your shoes perfectly. Even though this is not a new approach, it still looks stylish.

  1. Check the Shoulders

When talking about the most crucial factor you need to consider, there is no doubt that we are talking about shoulders. Many professionals say that shoulders are a framework used for designing a jacket. Not only that this process is the most durable one, but it is also the most expensive one.

Especially if the initial work was wrong, adjusting them can take a lot of time. To prevent these unpleasantries and money waste, the tailor will commit a vast majority of their time to this part of the suit. 

Since we are talking about a complex process, chances are that the tailor will perform a couple of adjustments before the shoulders on a suit fit you perfectly. The key is to find an experienced tailor. Before choosing one of roughly 20,000 of them in the US, make sure to inform yourself about those you are interested in.

  1. Avoid Lengthy Sleeves

If your jacket’s sleeves are close to knuckles, they are too long, and taking them up is a must. We can see that people who are military or ex-military personnel often cope with this problem. They are used to sleeves that are too long. 

On the other side, sleeves that are too short will also represent a problem. Especially if your jacket’s sleeves are shorter than the shirt’s. While there are no rules about how long they should be, we would say that a half an inch gap between shirt and jacket sleeve is enough. 

Just think about that, not that you would not be too comfortable when wearing these, but showing your watch wouldn’t be possible. To prevent any of these unpleasantries, the tailor will take your measures. Naturally, there is always room for adjustments if some errors occurred in the process.

The Conclusion

Sure, purchasing a tailored suit is not something you can get for a low price. However, there are situations where one of these is necessary. We are talking about a wide array of events. Here, you can see a couple of crucial things crucial to get the suit you want. We are sure you will find all of these points both interesting and informative.


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