Cute Fall Accessories Under $50

The summer fashion season is coming to an end, and it’s the best time to prepare for the autumn fashion season. You don’t have to buy a whole new outfit or spend a lot of money to do so, and we’ll show you a few accessories that will help you look good and stylish for the autumn season without spending more than $50.

Phone cases

Yes, a phone case can be a great autumn accessory if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. In today’s world, everybody has a smartphone, but you are probably tired of the boring design, so we want to show you something nice and stylish. 

Be unique and choose the ultra-stylish Watermelon Shake phone case for iPhone: 

  • Printed design made of strong and durable plastic
  • Slim design for a perfect fit on your smartphone
  • Silicone lining gently wraps your smartphone and protects against any screen or camera damage

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This accessory is usually reserved for the summer, but sunglasses can also be worn in September or October on nice days without any problems. On top, they enhance any outfit. Especially dark and mottled models in dramatic silhouettes like cat-eye or oversize add an elegant touch to the look. Even more beautiful: combine the sunglasses with a matching glasses necklace. Sunglasses cost from a few dollars, so you’re sure to find a good pair for under $50


In the coming months, headwear is not only one of the warmest accessories but also one of the most important when it comes to styling. The trends range from fisherman’s hats to berets and casual beanies. And the hats and caps are just as flexible for styling. Whether cool, relaxed, or elegant – headwear is a must-have. A range of great options is available for less than 50 dollars.

Another relatively cheap option, but perfect for the autumn season. Even a basic outfit can be enhanced with delicate hair clips or an elegant hairband. This season, gold-colored hair clips and barrettes are especially popular. Their delicate look harmonizes well with knitwear, denim, or leather.  

Scarves & shawls

Especially the autumn is in the sign of scarves & shawls. In fall & winter 2021/22, the classics are in classic natural shades such as brown, cream, and beige. They are joined by scarves in trendy colors like pink or violet. Not only does this complete look, but you also benefit from the comfort.

A foulard can be worn as an autumn accessory in many ways. Either knotted around the neck or tied as a bow, as an accessory for the bag, wrapped around the wrist or in the hair: scarves are among the absolute must-haves this season. My all-time favorite? A large scarf in beige!


Belts are one of the biggest accessory trends of the year. The waist the figure and are therefore particularly suitable for layering looks in autumn to give the figure more shape under many layers or thick knitwear. The 2021 fall accessories are characterized by an elegant look – especially in brown and black tones. A belt can be combined in many ways. The certain something looks beautiful, for example, to style a cardigan or a blazer more exciting. You can find a good belt for less than 50 dollars. 

Eyeglass chains

Last but not least, eyeglass chains are also among the 2021 fall accessories, and with two functions: As classic (sunglass) glasses chains, they pimp glasses and ensure that nothing gets lost. At the same time, some glasses chains can also be attached to masks, which means you always have them with you and can put them on and take them off more quickly.


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