Classic Combinations of Shirt and Tie with a Navy Suit

The fashion information is within reach all the time. However, it is normal that we do not know how to choose the suit shirt that makes up the perfect look. Harmonizing colors, patterns, and patterns can confuse us since the variety of combinations is practically unlimited. A tie is the right partner for men in the workplace, and a good tie can give the full-length dress a big bonus point. In fact, the shirt tie with a piece of excellent knowledge. To match correctly, it really requires men to take a little effort.

I have prepared a brief guide with practical and straightforward tips, so you will always be in line with any occasion with the right combination.

Wear the white shirt and red tie with a navy suit:

Everyone who wears social clothes, whether in everyday life or formal situations, knows the importance of having a white shirt in the wardrobe, as it is versatile and matches all other colors and prints. Sober-colored suits, such as black, navy, brown, and lead-gray, make up elegant looks if worn with the traditional white shirt. You will also be successful if the piece is worn with a pinstripe suit and a red tie.

Do not confuse and invest in the blue shirt with burgundy shade tie:

The light blue shirt is a wild card in the man’s closet, but not by chance: it suits most colors of suits and ties. Try coordinating the light blue shirt with the navy suit and the yellow tie or burgundy to make it look sophisticated and contemporary.

On summer days, many men prefer to wear a light blue shirt with a beige suit, because the look confers freshness and youthfulness. So do not hesitate to make the combination and invest in plain or patterned ties. Discreet nuances.

Confidently wear a pink shirt with a navy blue tie

The pink shirt, especially the soft ones, has been part of the masculine universe for a long time – after all, it promotes elegance to the look and keeps the man always aligned. Coordinating it with the graphite suit and a navy blue tie is the right pair for those who want to dare to the proper extent.

Pink is a wildcard color for any combination. The lighter shades, for example, fit perfectly on several occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, barbecues, dinners, and lunches between friends and family. Just freak out the rest of the look! If the idea is to create a more sophisticated combination, wear a light pink shirt and navy suit. Invest in a thick diagonal stripe tie that blends darker shades of pink and brown to ensure extra charm for the attractive look.

The various shades of medium to dark blue also go well with pink as well as dark green, both on plain and patterned ties, but avoid the shades of yellow and orange.

Choose a cute plaid shirt with mix & match plain ties:

The plaid shirt is an excellent choice to wear neutral-colored suits. The print is more informal and, therefore, it is indicated in everyday situations, such as everyday office life. Some little checkers are the right choices for those who don’t want to risk in the look.

The white ones, of course, are easier to combine. On the other hand, the two-color plaids also make up both fresh and aligned looks. If in doubt, wear plain ties in one of the plaid shades.

Wear a striped shirt

There is no way to end this content without quoting the classic striped shirts. They are essential parts of every man’s closet. In addition to being elegant and versatile, you can match suits of different colors and patterns. Thin-striped ones can be worn with plain suits or classic patterns. Those with thicker stripes should be combined with plain colors in order not to pollute the look.

Final Words:

While there are all these rules, don’t be afraid to dare on combinations, shades, and prints. For fashion, there is what is right or wrong, but what you feel best about wearing. In the end, it is better to be comfortable as you are than by default and dissatisfied. For more fashion rules and guides, follow the how to wear a lapel pin tricks & tips, but remember as you get dressed, try experimenting with the various garment options you have in your wardrobe. Fashion tips serve as valuable guidelines, but should always be coupled with one’s common sense. So be sure to try the suit shirt that best suits your style and personality.


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