Buying Ruby Jewelry for the first time: here is what you should know

Women have adorned jewelry since eons. It is one of the most prized possession and a way of expression of style and personality. Over a period of time, the love and attraction towards jewelry have increased. This has led to a surge of different types of jewelry. When we talk about different jewelry options, then gemstones add a sense of royalty to your trinkets. One of the most royal gemstones that are loved by every woman is ruby. This red-colored stone is an emblem of passion and energy, and adorning it is something that any woman would want. However, before buying ruby jewelry, it’s important for you to know that there are different kinds of rubies existing in the market, the pricing of which may vary. You may also get tricked while buying ruby jewelry. So, we have developed this small guide that will help you choose the authentic ruby for your baubles.

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As we have already mentioned above, ruby is a red-colored stone. It is formed and found deep under the earth and is present at a very high temperature. The word Ruby draws inspiration from Latin word Rubens, which means red color. The shades of red can vary; ruby may sometimes have a purplish appearance. Since these stones are highly durable and can retain its luster in the long run. So, you can wear them every day. If you are looking for an anniversary gift for your loved ones, then there is a tradition of gifting ruby on the 15th and 40th anniversary. Since this stone is very expensive, you must be cautious while purchasing it. Knowing the nuance of purchasing ruby jewelry will help you make the best buying decision.

Tips to follow:

1. Choose a trusted jeweler- you must only rely on a trusted jeweler before purchasing ruby. This gives you a guarantee of the authenticity of the stone.

2. Study about the stone- you must study about the stone, getting some basic insights about this gemstone will help you make the right buying decision. Remember, there are synthetic rubies that are easily available in the market, and you might be tricked. So, do your research well. Inspect and evaluate the ruby stones that are ingrained in the ruby jewelry, if it is clear and you can see through it, then it’s the authentic one, but might come at a higher cost. If you notice some haziness while seeing through the stone, then the ruby stone is not a real one.

Ruby Jewelry

3. Know about the cut of the ruby- every gemstone has a cut, this cut decides how the light will reflect from the stone giving it the necessary shine. If you are ready for investing a good amount of money, then you can go for the round cut ruby, which is the best one. On the other hand, an irregularly cut stone might break and also doesn’t have the necessary luster.

4. Carat- The quality of a ruby is decided by carats. Fine quality rubies are not more than 1 carat, whereas the commercial ones are available in different sizes. Remember that 5 quality fine ruby is costlier than the 5-carat commercial quality ruby.

5. Wrapping it up- The above-mentioned parameters will help you in choosing the right ruby for the price that you are paying. One of the best ways is to go directly to an authentic jewelry shop so that you have a guarantee of getting the right product. Rubies are an expensive gemstone, so don’t be in a hurry while choosing the stone, take time to observe the stone and then make a decision.

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