80s and 90s Fashion Trends are back in 2019

This fashion video for 2019 fashion trends is interesting. This girl is entertaining and likeable. I have everything on her list from the 90s. 2019 fashion trends aren’t very new and different. I should dig into my closet to bring out my 90s items.

  • Matching Sets—like a knit sweater and pants. I have a couple, and I almost bought one two years ago from a boutique across the street, but I decided that I didn’t really need it.
  • Ankle booties—I do have emerald green booties and burgundy booties.
  • Belt Bag—I have a couple from the past, and one was actually free from a fashion event.
  • Chunky and bulky tennis shoes better known as “Dad Shoes.” This one is probably similar to the AISCS sneakers I wear for the treadmill walking and walking meetups.
  • Neon green—I think I have 3 items, but they are probably for warmer weather.
  • Biking shorts—I have these shorts, but I wear it for the gym or riding my bicycle. I would never wear it with a blazer because it looks stupid.
  • Tie-dye—I have a couple of cute tie-dye clothes from the 80s or 90s, but mine are probably for warmer weather.
  • Headbands—I used to wear this a lot during the 80s and 90s. My old ones are probably stretched out.


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