Kerala is known for so many beautiful things such as beaches, lungis, kanjeevaram sarees and not to be missed out, Kerala jewellery. Purity and elegance are two major things you will find in Kerala jewellery. Kerala jewellery designs were designed by artisans using precious metal donations which were used in making temples and deities. Malayali manga adorns this jewellery to look as beautiful as she can on her big day. These ornaments have designs of bells, leaves, flowers and coins.

Rich heritage, elegance and diversity are what you will find in Kerala traditional jewellery. Some of the masterpieces include Poothali, Manonmani, Ilakkathali, Kappu etc. Kerala jewellery adorned by Malayali Manga outshines all other ornaments. Jewellery makes her seem like an absolute Goddess with charm and beauty.

Traditional dress of Kerala is ‘Mundum Neriyathum’ which looks absolutely stunning with Kerala traditional jewellery.

So, browse through these Kerala jewellery types and see which one resonates with your appearance most.


This ornament piece looks like an array of tiny jasmine bud motifs, representing a floral mala or garland. Among any Kerala jewellery, it becomes the outermost line of all chains. Any bride-to-be will love to start her wedding journey with this type of ornament piece. The length of this necklace speaks of beauty because of its long length and it adds a lavish touch to the entire ethnic lehenga or saree. This piece of jewellery comes in plain gold as well as in gold with studded diamonds.


This beautiful piece is engraved with delicate Ambi motifs. This Kerala traditional jewellery is made by skilled artisans with rubies and emeralds with the use of coloured glass. This ornament is made up of small mango- shaped pendants. It depicts the rich culture of Kerala. It is superimposed with eye-catching and trendy looks with a visual delight of gold.

You will fall head over heels in love with the bride adorning this ornament.


This beauty is engraved with the image of Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. It is embossed with small gold coin motifs to give it a unique look.

This traditional jewellery of kerala  symbolizes the bride’s future home and hearth after her wedding. Locals believe it invokes the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. It gleams bride’s aura. Adorn this beautiful ornament with a heavily embroidered blouse and simple-sober saree.


It is an infinity style bangle with the precious stones studded on stunning leaf motifs repeating itself in a continuous loop. Sometimes, craftsman shows Meenakari artwork to enhance the charm of the bride’s wrist even more. This piece of Kerala jewellery is continuously arranged in a pattern that starts from the top and with the intricacy of work, it goes to the bottom and makes you look like a queen of your own kingdom.

As the bride walks down the aisle, she steals the multiple hearts by adorning this beautiful piece of ornament.


These are the bell-shaped designer earrings with dangling elements. This is seen as a part of temple jewellery of Kerala traditional jewellery patterns worn by an enchanting bride. It comes in two types of designs, with ear studs in leaf or with small dangling bells.

Jhimkis or Jhumkis are an important element of a Kerala bride vanity box. Jhumkis are adorned by all women across India on multiple occasions. They are available in a plethora of patterns and metal choices. Earrings are sometimes embossed with gemstones like rubies, pearls, diamonds and emeralds to go well with any occasion.

Which of the above Kerala jewellery will you pick to make you shine like a true Goddess? Tell us in comments below.


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