4 Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Shower Dress

A baby shower is an exciting time for a mom-to-be; she not only gets to spend time with the people she loves but also enjoys being the center of attention. Baby showers are also a perfect excuse for loved ones to gift baby care essentials for the new mom and dad. One question that might remain for the mom-to-be is what should I wear? Shopping for baby shower dresses isn’t always easy. The dress must be comfortable, flattering, and affordable. If you are shopping for a baby shower dress, here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect dress:

  • Consider a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have been trending for some time now. People love them because they are comfortable; it is almost like staying in your PJs! Maxi maternity dresses made of breathable materials are light and feel great on the skin. They can be worn for any occasion, so even after the baby shower, you can get a lot of use out of this item. They can be paired with flats for an afternoon lunch with friends or accessorized with some stylish shoulder-grazing earrings for an evening dinner. Maxi dresses are flattering and often come with a V-neck that draws the eye vertically. These make great baby shower dresses because they’re comfortable, flattering, and usually come in a large selection of fun colors and patterns for every style.

  • Wear Something Traditional

A baby shower can also be the perfect occasion to show off your culture and family traditions. For example, if you or your spouse is from Mexico, how about wearing a Tehuana? You’ll look great and be comfortable. If you are from India, you could consider wearing a sari. It not only looks beautiful but is elegant as well. A Bubu dress is another possibility because it’s a free-flowing, traditional African dress that is colorful and comfortable to wear. Your baby shower can be a great time to tap into your culture and wear something memorable.

  • Accessories can be Your Best Friend

Don’t shy away from accessorizing your maternity dress. A high waist belt goes great with maxi maternity dresses. If it’s an afternoon summer luncheon, a pair of sunglasses and wedges is all you need. Earring, bracelets, and necklaces can polish off your look and add more of your personality to our baby shower outfit.

  • Dress According to the Season

Just like any other dress, maternity fashion is also seasonal. During winter look for warmer colors like burgundy and royal blue. Since comfort is the most important part of your outfit, make sure to choose something that will keep you warm or cool enough depending on the season. A cashmere sweater paired and leggings and a pair of mid-calf boots can help you keep warm in the winter. If it’s spring, wear a cardigan over your dress for an outing. In the summer, dresses are ideal for keeping you cool. Just wear some sandals, and you’ll be cute and breezy.


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Written by Robert Johnson

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