4 Must-Have Beard Care Products

Beards add an oomph factor to your masculinity by adding maturity and depth to a boyish face without making it look shabby. That is not all; beards also make you look cool, keep you warm in winters, and create a barrier between your skin and harmful UV rays. Further, according to a 2015-study conducted by Dr Clifford W. Bassett at the Allergy and Asthma Care, New York, beards trap and prevent dust and pollen from getting into your respiratory system, thus, keeping you safe against plenty of allergy-induced illnesses and infections. So, if you see men around you emphasising on beard growth, now you know the reasons.

Having said all this, some men are blessed with fuller growth, while others need to put efforts to get it, and it is no rocket science. Male grooming industry has introduced a plethora of products for giving you bushier, easy-to-style beards. In case, you are rummaging online for the best bets you can get, here’s a list of the five must-have products for a thicker downy face-mane.

1. Beard Cleansers

Many beardos think that beard growth oil or cream is the most important product for beard care. But no! It is the cleanser. Many men still use soaps to wash their faces, which include beard as well. Loaded with chemicals, these soaps make the beard dry, brittle, and prone to split ends. Therefore, mild cleansers with the goodness of non-irritating natural ingredients such as almond oil, thyme, argan oil, aloe vera etc., should be used not just to make clean, but nourish, and condition beard to make it more manageable.

2. Beard Oil

This is the holy grail of beard care. Remember one of granny’s tips stressed upon the importance of applying oil to make hair shinier, thicker, and healthier? Well! That still holds true. Essential oils like that of argan, jojoba, almond, hazelnut, vetiver etc. are packed with nutrients and make your beard soft and lustrous. Fatty acids in these oils have anti-androgenic properties which help inhibit DHT, an androgen that causes hair follicles to miniaturise, thus leading to hair loss. These oils become all the more essential if you have issues like dryness, dandruff, and flakiness as many essential oils (argan, thyme, juniper berry) have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which help manage these problems effectively.

3. Beard Cream

Beard creams play a role similar to beard oils, but with a twist of a matte finish. It soothes the skin underneath, softens the beard, and makes it easier to manage and style. It is advised to use beard creams formulated using non-comedogenic ingredients like argan oil and mint oil (you surely do not want a beard with a chin full of blocked pores resulting in pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads, do you?). These ingredients also help keep problems like itchiness and flaking at bay and work like armour for men with sensitive skin, not to forget that the mild aroma of these natural ingredients leaves you feeling fresh. Ensure detangling your beard before applying the cream, especially if you have a longer one as it helps keep away the whitish cast or specks of cream gleaming on your beard.

4. Beard Wax

A mix of beeswax and essential oils, beard wax is a must-have product for those who like to create different looks by styling their beard in unique ways. Ever noticed those runway models who flaunt gunslingers, mutton chops, Balbo etc. with every speck of hair intact? It is the magically firm hold of beard wax that keeps their beards spick and span for longer durations. Offering dual benefits, it not only helps style your beard, but is also an effective product for beard growth provided you choose chemical-free 100% natural beard wax which is infused with the goodness of essential oils like argan oil and powerful antioxidants like Vitamin E. Also, the beeswax should be free of petroleum jelly as it may lead to pores on the chin getting blocked. A reliable method to assess the quality of beard wax is to see if it does or does not stiffen the beard after application; the more natural the product, the lesser the hardening of the beard.

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