4 Fads in Diamond Engagement Rings

There are some things in today’s world that have become icons, for whatever reason. In the realm of marriages and engagements, a diamond ring is by far the biggest and most significant icon. Today, even young children manifest the sparkling diamond rings as a symbol of being engaged.

And this is the reason why many couples are choosing to give up on tradition and shop for diamond engagement rings together. Majority of men realized that they were glad to shop together and seek some help determining the ring style for their bride. However, if you want your proposal to turn out to be a complete surprise, read on to find the same.

Let us take a look at the latest trends in diamond engagement rings to help you choose a ring that you will both love admiring it again and again.

  • Choosing a Special Style

Diamond rings come in a wide variety of styles, meaning there is something that can suit everyone’s personal style and taste. Among the most popular styles, the comfort fit solitaire diamond engagement ring is gaining in popularity. Such diamond rings come with a single diamond set on wide or thin band.

However, diamond rings with three stones also grabbed a lot of attention lately, as the three stones are said to exemplify a relationship’s past, present and future and serve as an ideal reminder of your love and compassion. These diamond engagement rings comprise of stones of all same size and shape or even a large center stone with small outer stones.

  • Stand-in Metals for your Diamond Rings

Platinum is one of the most in demand metals for diamond engagement rings. It is an extremely durable metal and is a perfect choice for diamond rings because it is tarnish resistant. Platinum is a rare metal and that makes it a more expensive choice to make.

But many people are turning to engagement rings made of palladium and 18k white or yellow gold. Though palladium is relatively a new metal on the market, but it looks more like platinum. The only difference is that palladium is usually cheaper and lighter than platinum.

  • Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

If at all you are unable to decide from a large collection of diamond rings, consider going for custom designed diamond rings. You can choose your own stone or the diamond you want for your ring. So if you don’t wish to buy just any other ring, consider buying custom diamond engagement rings.

  • Select your Center Stone 

When you visit jewelry shops, they already have a variety of ready to fill setting a loose center stones to choose from. However, if you choose a loose stone with a ready to fill setting, you definitely want a certified stone. Certified stones have already undergone through strict grading process and come with requisite information outlining the stone’s cut, color and the carat grade. Similarly, certified diamonds can also be chosen as they are graded by a trained gemologist.

To conclude, diamond engagement rings signify your love that your bride will wear for the rest of her life and is deemed as one of the most lovable purchases a couple makes. So it is better to take a little time to research about different options and the latest trends in the jewelry design. Diamond engagement rings exemplify your eternal love for your partner and remind you of a strong bond that you share with your partner. It is not the money that is buying you the feeling, it is your open heart and feel that makes you find the perfect ring for your better half. So what have you thought for your love?


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Written by Sophia Jonson

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