13 Fashion Trends for 2019

  1. 80s and 90s coming back…bleached denim
  2. Mixing prints and colors
  3. Vintage watches and plastic watches
  4. Quarter socks—gives an accent on color with neutral outfits
  5. Corduroy
  6. Cropped trousers
  7. Sling bags–You can also use a fanny pack, and sling it around your shoulders like a sling bag.
  8. African prints–I already have some leggings with African print.
  9. Oval sunglasses and thin–I have sunglasses from 2000 in black that are oval and small. So, these have been popular from late 90s.
  10. Snake prints
  11. Biker shorts–I used to wear biker shorts a lot during the 90s.
  12. Statement sneakers–In the 90s, my statement sneakers were plaid and flannel Converse. But nowadays it is my LV sneakers that I got as a gift from my mother before she died.
  13. Bamboo bags–I do have a bamboo bag from the 90s, which I mostly used as a purse for the beach to carry big items such as hairbrush, money purse with zipper, and another purse with zipper to hold small items.


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