11 Timeless Jhumka Styles That Are Here to Stay

Every girl in India has had that ‘Jhumka phase’ at some point of time in her life. Living in a country like India, it’s impossible to not fall in love with the traditional oxidized silver jhumkas. The jhumka is this fine line between traditional and modern where one single pair can make you look from drab to fab in a matter of time. Decades ago, the legendary actress, Saadhna crooned about her missing jhumkas in Bareilly. It wasn’t just her funky ‘saadhna cut’ that became a hot trend but also her famous jhumkas that took the fashion world by storm. The German silver jhumkas were a rage back in Bollywood and have continued to fascinate Bollywood divas, you and us, alike. There’s nothing to not fall in love with the dreamy jhumkas. There were days when women had to cover themselves in jewellery from head to toes to look beautiful but today we live in ‘statement-making era’ where one key piece of jewellery is enough to make heads turn. Naturally, the iconic oxidized silver jhumkas have become every fashion-savvy’s favorite fashion accessory. Whatever the latest trends in jhumkas business, we still love our age-old timeless classics that have ruled hearts forever. You can find our favorites down below.

1. The Basic Jhumkas

The very basic, first of its kind, subtle and stylish pair of classic jhumkas are here to stay. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in going back to the roots of fashion when they are so hot even today. Just go to one of the music festivals; you’ll easily spot about 50 girls still rocking the weightless classic German silver jhumkas. They are so popular at college fests, kitty parties, birthday get-togethers and many more casual occasions.

2. The Colourful Jhumkas

The floral design jhumkas in colourful stones have always been such great conversations starters. Come summer, you realize that suddenly all your wardrobe is bustling with color. What about your jewellery closet? Something like this pair of oxidized silver jhumkas in colorful rani pink color would look the best when paired with a summer-y number from your wardrobe. You can find such colorful gorgeous pairs of oxidized silver jhumkas online.

3. The Coins Hanging Jhumkas

The coins have been a staple touchpoint in the bohemian style inspired oxidized silver jhumkas since forever. These tiny hanging jhumkas with little tingling small coins look fancy and boho, all at once. This pair would match so well with your floral skater dresses and ankle boots on a Sunday brunch.

4. The Kinda-Big Jhumkas

The bigger, the better! Yes, if you’re going to get yourself a pair of classic German silver jhumkas, you might as well try these big statement-making chaandbali + jhumkas combination. You can work these danglers with just about anything in your wardrobe.

5. The Oversized Jhumkas

Mirror jhumkas are a must-keep in your baubles box, especially when they look so lust-worthy. The traditional mirror and oxidized silver jhumkas combination have been proudly worn by your mother, her mother and your great grandmother too.

6. The Elongated Jhumkas

The long silver jhumkas look ethereal for formal occasions like weddings, festivals and get-togethers. You can pair these silver jhumkas with a sexy saree or a gharara suit with a silver temple necklace too. However, the key is to let the pink stones on the length of the silver jhumkas take the centre stage.

7. The Conical-Shaped Jhumkas

The dome-shaped silver jhumkas have been the most loved jhumkas ever but the conical ones have found their large following. Not all of us love the ‘most fashionable’ accessory out there. For a fun night out, try these conical silver oxidized jhumkas with bright red and green stone drops hanging at the bottom.

8. The Jhumkas With Hair Chain

The hair accessories are having a major fashion moment right now. Whether it’s the studded pins or the pearl clutchers, everything that makes your hair look pretty is in vogue. Hence, our immortal love for hair chains brings us to our classic German silver jhumkas with hair chains. This pair with leaf-engravings and tiny jhumkis hanging on the hair chains is perfect to match with your lehangas for the upcoming festive season.

9. The Multi-Level Jhumkas

The multi-layered silver jhumkas can power your face. The multi-level silver jhumkas like these here look awesome with simple chikankari kurtas and denim and salwar suits on festive occasions like Rakshabandhan. You can choose your favorite variant of the large oxidized silver jhumkas online.

10. The Temple Jhumkas

The temple jewellery has been a significant part of Indian jewellery. Right from finding gods and goddesses engraved in pendants, necklaces, bangles and earrings – We’ve been obsessed with them right from the start. The silver oxidized jhumkas in temple style look fantastic for a cultural or religious occasion like a pooja or mata ki chowki.

11. The Hoop Jhumkas

The hoop jhumkas are the most innovative kind of classic jhumkas ever existed. These marry the two most loved styles – the hoops and the jhumkas into one pristine pair of German silver earrings. These hoop jhumkas are mostly casual until you’re able to find yourselves some extraordinary, over-sized, intricate oxidized silver jhumkas online which aren’t too hard to buy.

Whether you’re an ageing mother or a young college brat, these timeless oxidized silver jhumkas can be your go-to fashion accessory. If you know what flatters your face shape, you must invest in a pair of classic silver jhumkas. After all, it’s only about finding the right pair of oxidized silver jhumkas online.

Besides looking for those damn pretty jhumkas in your flea markets, you can find oxidized silver jhumkas online on various shopping portals. You don’t have to scavenge a nice pair of German silver jhumka, it is just there on the internet; only a click away from you.


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