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Surfing the internet is interesting because there are so many videos to see. Everyone has a collection consisting of films, songs, and actions that we captured with our smartphone, and the things we get from social media sites on their phone. To make matters simpler, there is now an app that allows you to record your screen…what you see on the phone screen.

The name of this app is Screen Recorder, but how does one use this? One must go to the app website and download the app. Save it to your phone, and that is all there is. You can begin to record pictures and videos you see on the screen using this app. Here are some of the features of this app.

Close Floating Bubble

When you open the app, you will see a floating bubble. This is your instant navigation. It allows you to control the app and do your recordings, edit your pictures, and share your recorded images with your friends using a sharing link. But, if you don’t want the navigation bubble to keep imposing on your Home Screen, you can remove it by going to the Home screen and clicking on Settings. Here under the App Access Settings tab, you will see the control for the floating bubble. You can click on the Enable/Disable button and get your floating bubble on or off.

Use Pause Option

This is useful for those who are capturing a long video. You might be taking break in-between recordings. You cannot let the recordings keep on running, so it is useful to keep the Pause option handy. Go to Settings and click on Recording Options. Go to the Recorder Type and choose the one that you want. You have to do this because Pause is only available with one of the two types of Recorders.

There is one Simple Recorder that does not support Pause. The other type is the Advanced Recorder Type. If you select that, you will be able to use the Pause function. So, if you are planning to do a long shoot, go to Settings and change the Recorder Type first.

Change the Orientation

This option helps you recorder in Portrait or Landscape mode. Sometimes, when you want to do a quick shot it is better to choose the portrait mode. But, if you want the entire landscape and surroundings to be captured in the video, then you must use the Landscape mode. You can change this by going to the


Click on Settings and click on the Video Settings tab. Under this, you will see the Orientation tab. Click on the one that you want.  If you are not sure about which one you need, you can set the Orientation to Auto mode. This will allow the phone to choose the orientation each time. This is alright if you are not shooting a high-quality video. But, if you want your video to be free of sudden changes in orientation, it is better to choose the orientation before you begin the video shoot.

Trimming Videos

The video must be trimmed first so that it looks good. First, do the recording and then save the video. Go to the Recording option. Here you will see the list of recordings. Choose the video you want to edit by clicking on the scissor-shaped icon. This icon will be present on all the videos. Once you click on it, you will see the options to edit your video.

Using the Screen Recorder is easy. There is no complicated step to either find or edit the videos you want. After you have saved the video, you can share using the social media link given.


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