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The Wiz (1978) movie review and analysis

Monday, 12.25.17, 2:50 pm, Christmas Day 2017

I was considering on going to a walking group meetup at 9am to noon at the beach, but I slept late last night and I couldn’t sleep much, in which I ended up waking up at 10:30 am. Plus, I wasn’t sure who was going to show up on the meetup and if I knew any of the people. I was waiting for this morning beach meetup but, unfortunately, I didn’t sleep well last night. Oh, well, I hope next time I see this morning beach meetup, I will make it to the event. After eating my breakfast, I ended up watching the movie, The Wiz. I think it is interesting because it is about black people’s struggles in life. Then, I turned on my computer and entered IMVU to see my new holiday gift of bunch of stacked presents for my holiday new studio apartment. I placed it in my new apartment, and did some reorganizing. Now, I need to do some reorganizing in my real home.

As Dorothy and Toto walk on the golden tile road, they enter different city areas, such as ghettos, junkyard, prostitute alley, neon lights, old carnival, graffiti alley, and other city districts. Along her way, she picks up the scary cat lion who tries to bully others, insecure scarecrow who quotes literary writers and frigid tin man who desperately wants love in his life. I notice three familiar faces right away, which are Nipsy Russell as the Tin Man, Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow, and Diana Ross as Dorothy. When they reach the Wiz, I notice the area is mostly in bright and illuminated gold,  hence Illuminati pyramids, which includes many glowing bright pyramids, and dancers in gold outfits. Actually, these dancers reminded me of the old show, Solid Gold. The logo of this corporate headquarters is Z, which is a symbol for the Zionist Wiz. They go on their mission to kill the witch. They encounter the fake and phony wiz, played by Richard Pryor, who is filled with lies and bullshit. He actually lives like a pathetic fraud. What else is new about Zionists? Dorothy tells her friends that they don’t need this fraud to get what they want because they already had it all along. Even the lion proved to be really courageous because he was always there for his friends on their journey as they moved along the golden tile road through the unknown dark city streets. Dorothy sings that they just need to believe in themselves and make things happen. The Good Witch of the South, played by Lena Horne, dressed in shiny and sparkly snowflakes suddenly materializes to tell her that she could have gone home on her own if she believed in herself. Scarecrow makes up his own quote for Dorothy. The Tin Man expresses his love to Dorothy, and the lion thanks her for helping ho, see that he really does have the courage he needs to be the king of the jungle.  Dorothy also learned to battle her own fears and move out of her comfort zone in order to explore her horizons. She returns home, to her NYC townhouse, in which the ground is covered by snow.

You can watch the full movie on youtube for free.


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