What does Golden Globe 2019 and Flu Shots have in common?

Wednesday, 1.9.19

Since I missed watching the recent Golden Globes 2019 Awards, I decided to check out videos on Youtube summarizing the awards. I thought this video was funny because the awards show was promoting flu shots by having bunch of white-coat people holding up a syringe and walking into the dining room, filled with celebrities dressed in formal wear, and administering flu vaccination. Why the rush? Couldn’t these celebrities wait until they go home and get the vaccination on their own time? Why the sudden need to get their vaccination on TV, during an award show, and dressed up in formalwear? It appears that the Zionist Media is pushing and trying to force feed vaccinations on the public, like there is an urgency in these shots and it is a must for everyone to get it now. And, they feel that the viewers are more likely to get these shots if they see a rich and famous celebrity getting one on TV. I guess the awards show isn’t about fashion anymore. Now, its promoting certain agendas.

So, what does the Golden Globes 2019 and flu shots have in common? They are both controlled by the Illuminati and Zionist Media to promote and force feed the public with rubbish that they must accept and follow via MK-Ultra mind control.

The MK-Ultra symbolism includes all the black and white, red, and metallic gold.


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