Turkish President announces to frozen two US ministers’ assets

President RajjabTayyab Erdoğan announced to frozen two US ministers’ assets in his country. Addressing the women’s wing ceremony of the ruling party, the Turkish President warned the United States, Those who believe they will push Turkey back by pushing restrictions, threats and threats, remember that they do not know Turkish people right now.

The President said that he has instructed authorities to freeze the assets of two US ministers in response to sanctions. After this order, the US law minister and the interior minister assets is freezed in turkey.

Be clear at present, Ryan Zinki Secretary Interior and Jeff Sessions are performing the duties of the Attorney General. few days back, the United States has announced imposing more restrictions on Turkey, frozen the assets of two Turkish ministers present in their country.

The both Nato Countries is stress on the issue of American pastor Andrew Burnes. The american pastor has been sentenced to a crime-related relationship  with “Fatio”, a terrorist-linked organization and a conspiracy of failed military coup.


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