Trump speech entertain world leader’s at UN General Assembly

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, started addressing the General Assembly meeting and praises his own government’s at the start of his speech, the attendants world leader’s could not control their laughter.

President Trump said while starting a speech In less than two years, his government has done so much that no government has done before in the country’s history. The audience started to laugh after hearing this claim, in reaction trump felt shame and said with a shocking smile that he was not expecting such responses but still fine.

During his speech, Trump said that Iran does not respect the sovereignty of neighboring countries, so all countries should stir Iran on its aggressive behavior. He said that the American economy is growing rapidly in my leadership, the United States has been strong and secure.

Trump further said, We have increased the jobs for the Americans and we want to make America the most strong and secure country.The US President said that our nation takes care of the rights of other nations, so other countries will also have to take care of the US.


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