The US failed to succeed in Afghanistan after 17 years. Pew Research Center

US citizens believe that despite the 17-year effort, the US has failed to achieve the desired results in Afghanistan. The World Institute Pew Research Center has revealed in its report, that most US citizens believe that America has lost the war in Afghanistan and the US forces failed to find out the results for their claims.

The Pew Research Center has raised the amazing results of the American states of different states about the performance and outcome of the 17-year American Army presence in Afghanistan.

According to the survey report, 49 percent of the citizens consider the American war in Afghanistan is fail, while 16% of people are concerned about successful or failure of the US Army in Afghanistan. However, 35 percent of the people think of the American war as successful.

This survey shows that the American nation is totally divided on the American attack on Afghanistan whether it was right or wrong and  this change in thinking has come after the Trump Administration policies. From 2009 to 2011, at 42% of the same survey of the same organization, it was the perfect assurance of its forces’ success. However, in the 2014 and 2015 survey, this belief was transformed, and this year’s successful survey  has changed confidence into mistrust.


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