The United States agreed to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan – Ajazeera TV

Qatar Broadcasting Agency, Al Jazeera News, claimed responsibility for Taliban officials, In Qatar, an important meeting between Taliban representatives and the US delegation has been agreed to end the 17-year-old war in Afghanistan. The US also agreed to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

In Qatar Six members of the U.S. delegation participated in meeting with Taliban leaders, In this meeting all the issues related to the Afghan War were discussed. In the meeting, the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, eliminating the ban on Taliban leaders, release of Taliban leaders and establishing a regular Taliban political office was discussed.

It has also been found in the meeting that high level negotiation talks will be started between the US and the Taliban in the near future. In which the process of implementation for the unanimous issues and the global media will also be informed of the agreement.

Be clear There are also secret meetings continued in Qatar between the US and Afghanistan and so far there have been a long period of talks between US delegation and Taliban officials


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