‘THE AQUARIANS (1)’ –  In the tradition of ‘Star Trek’ & ‘Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea’ comes a retro, sci-fi adventure audio tale! 1950’s Earth is secretly invaded by a diabolical, aquatic villain from a far away planet named D’axis . . . and only the brave crew of the super sub Nemo – built from the wreckage of a captured extraterrestrial craft found at Roswell, New Mexico –  can stop them!  Join Captain Jonathan Colby and E’Nox – the D’Axian cop tasked with aiding our planet, for some far-out, action-packed fun!

STARRING: Ted Falagan, Michael Stone, & Deborah Fabiano-Falagan.  Features music by Teknoaxe!  Written & directed by Ted Falagan.

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