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The wait is over, well nearly. All of our work has paid off. We got our show back.

Lucifer has now been picked up by Netflix, which will air a season 4 full of 10 new episodes.

The wait is nearly over, but we won the battle. Exact dates have not been released by the stars or Netflix, but I will keep all of you posted.

I was waiting for the good news, an announcement, and my hunch was right.

I knew that it would only be a matter of time before we could catch our favorite devil back on top, with a new breath of life from all of us, his Lucifans, and Netflix too!!

#1 Label Me This

Labels are an interesting thing, aren't they? They can help define us, but they can also limit us. Did Lucifer give himself that label of "monster"? Did his Father make him into a monster? Lucifer doesn't seem to think so.

During the very last episode of season 3, we see Lucifer define himself in Cain's presence. Cain didn't deserve such a revelation, nevertheless, Lucifer told him, almost as if knowing, that he would succeed in fulfilling his promise, of ultimately finding a way of killing Cain.

Lucifer sent him straight to hell. But in doing so, Lucifer was so filled with rage, that his devil face was seen by Chloe. As Lucifer turned around, Chloe saw him. She knew. She finally knew that all the stories that Lucifer had told her, were all true. She knew.

#2 Where Do You Go?

But what will happen now? Lucifer has been saved by Netflix, and it will be it's new home. Netflix will air a season 4 filled with 10 brand new episodes. But what will happen to the story lines of season 3?

Will we find out what happened to Charlotte Richards? The last we saw of her and Amenediel, they were both taking a trip to Heaven. Amenediel got his wings back, in the very moment that he needed them the most. He needed them in order to send Charlotte to Heaven.

His test was never his brother Lucifer. His task would be to help orient Charlotte after her hellish ride through hell and back. His task would be to give Charlotte the opportunity to redeem her wretched, criminal defense attorney soul. He took her to Heaven, but will he come back?

She took the bullet meant for Amenediel on that hilltop. It was a bright Los Angeles night. Cain meant to kill Amenediel. Cain missed.

She risked her life to save Amanediel, the only soul who shared celestial secrets with her. Lucifer gave her a recap at some point, but Charlotte was still in shock.

Amenediel, took his time. He was the only one who made her realize she wasn't crazy; when she revealed her memories after her trip to hell. She didn't want to go back. It felt so real to her. She didn't confirm the reality of her memories until learning secrets that only angels could tell her.

#3 Devil Cake

But in case you didn't know it, Chloe's face, hit the devil cake. After she realized that Lucifer was in fact the devil, the look on her face was of pure shock. She could not have known that he in fact was telling her the truth all along.

Now that she knows, what will happen to her relationship with Lucifer? Will she keep her job at the LAPD? Will she take a brake from Los Angeles, and the police department.

Will she only take a brake from working alongside Lucifer?  Would she perhaps accept him, and everything that she can't prove? Will she trust her insights, her intuition, and believe what she experiences with Lucifer and his celestial family?

How can all of these questions be answered in a 10 episode season 4? Season 3 of Lucifer contained 26 episodes. That's a lot of story.

The writers have some loose ends to tie, and I hope that we get all the answers we need in this new upcoming season 4 of Lucifer. We did it. Sharing, tweeting, and all the love of us Lucifans, helped save Lucifer.

#4 Waiting for the Fall

Now, all of us will be left wondering, exactly when Netflix will air the brand new season 4 of Lucifer.  If they start filming at the end of June, we won't see the first episode before September.

If they don't start filming until after the 4th of July, we won't see the first episode until Halloween.  I believe they will air the first episode before or on Halloween. Lets hope we just  need to wait for the fall.  I wouldn't want to go through another tamale season without a season 4 of Lucifer!!


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Written by Maria Ayala

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