Where Do You Go? (2/4)

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But what will happen now? Lucifer has been saved by Netflix, and it will be it’s new home. Netflix will air a season 4 filled with 10 brand new episodes. But what will happen to the story lines of season 3?

Will we find out what happened to Charlotte Richards? The last we saw of her and Amenediel, they were both taking a trip to Heaven. Amenediel got his wings back, in the very moment that he needed them the most. He needed them in order to send Charlotte to Heaven.

His test was never his brother Lucifer. His task would be to help orient Charlotte after her hellish ride through hell and back. His task would be to give Charlotte the opportunity to redeem her wretched, criminal defense attorney soul. He took her to Heaven, but will he come back?

She took the bullet meant for Amenediel on that hilltop. It was a bright Los Angeles night. Cain meant to kill Amenediel. Cain missed.

She risked her life to save Amanediel, the only soul who shared celestial secrets with her. Lucifer gave her a recap at some point, but Charlotte was still in shock.

Amenediel, took his time. He was the only one who made her realize she wasn’t crazy; when she revealed her memories after her trip to hell. She didn’t want to go back. It felt so real to her. She didn’t confirm the reality of her memories until learning secrets that only angels could tell her.


Written by Maria Ayala

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