A Review of the Novel: I’ll be looking at the Moon by Lucia Barrett

A suitable book for spring, in terms of rebirth and life, Lucia Barrett “I will be looking at the moon” will fill your lungs fresh scent of wild flowers. Although it can easily be labeled as fiction, the new one possesses deeper layers that surpass the bond of love between a stereotypical man and a woman. It is also a story about family and especially on the self.

The story starts with a strong start. The reader is practically thrown into the inner world of his most personal thoughts exposed to protagonists. As soon as we share a look at the gift of Elizabeth Parker Morgan, we turn away from it and send it back in the past to discover on a journey (with him) why and how this gift was born. With a Freudian approach, the focus is on his childhood and how the relationship with his parents and brother, but especially with his mother, has been shaped as a person, especially his ability to give and receive love. As you mature and become a successful business woman, you will encounter the romantic France with all the dangers that would make such a complete cultural experience. Meet a man torn from his dreams in which he finds the coveted reciprocity that he was worried his entire life. But the illusion of a story love story fairy soon becomes fragmented and both parties are left with only fragments that do not match. It is to recreate Elizabeth and to include this story in his life experience.

While the main focus is on love Elizabeth shared with Antonio, there are many other romantic channels that run through the book’s pages. Lucia Barrett is facing a generational love story that sets a very different kind of relationship. First, there is the torque consumption represented by the grandparents of Elizabeth, who are best friends in life and always very dear to them at an advanced age. The second couple, parents of Elizabeth easily fall in love, but they have distanced themselves over the years. Their shared experiences have mostly found their differences and widened the gap between them. After all, the heroine of the novel for you rest, which class to discover should you fall, but keep your judgment to the last pages of the book.

This novel is a game of possibilities. A surface materializes before our eyes, depending on how the light that will cover it. Who controls the light source control, what we see. In this case, Lucia Barrett takes the wheel and turns his attention to unexpected details.

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