Playing Him Like a Piano – part 31

When Jerry kissed her, she tightened, then shyly told him she had never been with a man before, and then, to her room, and shut the door.

That she had given her virginity to Damian, (and he to her) when they werefifteen was no one’s business.

That they had sex as often as they could was secret.

That both of them had sex with a large population of ‘dupes’ they played during the following years was not counted.

If she had to justify she’d boldly announce that when you have no money you can’t complain about the colour of the shoes you get for free.

You don’t count the people you lay with for the same reason.

Dami and Kat had lived carefully, in a way. ¬†Damian’s wife, Simone, never knew about Kat.

Damian never called Kat on his phone, nor did she call him on her own.

If she called him it was from a pay phone, if he called her he usually borrowed the phone of one of her friends.

Jerry could search her phone and find only her mother, her girlfriends and her job listed.


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Written by jaylar

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